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You could be writing for us with valuable content if you join our contributor program.

Contributor Program

Our contributor program at is an opportunity for you as an expert doing business globally to contribute original content for publication on our website. 

At, we are aware that the best advice comes from those who are practically experienced in business. Your experience can teach others who are yet to start out and we believe that your knowledge is priceless.

We select who can be our contributor from community members among experts in starting their businesses globally.

You’re likely to be accepted as a contributor if you have been running your business or working in any industry for many years.

You have knowledge across more than one aspect of a business though your business can be in the  hatching or established stage.

You know your market having tested, analysed and identified your target customers.

Your business product or service reviews have been raving from customers who love to share their experiences with you. 

An article was perhaps written by you or by someone about your successful business.

Perhaps you are a renowned businessman or woman daringly outspoken and honoured at a public event, or interviewed by a reputable source about your business.

Our Vision is to help others

Our vision at is to provide budding business professionals an ability to profit from your expertise, by your becoming a thought leader, sharing your personal experiences and valuable advice you wish you had when you were starting out yourself.

We want to see the maximum number of our future business leaders benefit from your experience so that they can also start their own business following your example.

Your Opportunity to reach Entrepreneurs Globally

Content published through our contributor program is shared with a community of 200,000 members growing in number everyday and promoted across the social feeds like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Some outstanding published articles are also used for our email campaigns.

With us you can promote yourself as a business consultant. 

Each of your published articles will be linked to your profile, so customers can choose you as their mentor directly.

Your online presence will grow by sharing our guidelines based on proven techniques to make sure your articles attract many readers.

You can write about your own unique ideas and interests. 

If you’re not sure of coming up with a topic, you will be given a list of  topics that are maintained by our editorial staff.

Know your readers. 

We feature the latest questions being asked, so you will get a feel of who you are writing for and what they need to know.

BizTerrain Readership

Our readers are from all over the world with diverse professional backgrounds and experience.

More than 63% of our business accounts are still in the idea, startup or growth stages.

Tell us your story to let us know where you stand; any hardship faced when you started your business; it is likely that others have been exposed to the same problems and they could benefit from your guidance. 

Contribution Guidelines

Channel your experiences and lessons learned into suitable advice to help our readers.

Make sure that the idea you write about encases content our readers and editors haven’t seen before.

Focus on one of the business categories and try to analyse it into stages telling them how to get started and grow it. 

Basics like finance, entrepreneurship, franchising, insurance, legal strategy are needed to start a business along with details of business capital, location and licenses.

Write how to get certification, training, leadership and management if you’re writing about careers.

Aspects of accounting, finance, funding of a business help to educate readers about money aspects.

HR article should throw some light upon hiring and getting work from employees and how to maintain good relations with them.

Marketing article should explain how to build up a brand; business strategies, customer service and public relations etc, not excluding sales and how to utilise social media to your benefit.

Articles about technology must give details of computers, mobile phones, app software, cloud storage, security options and networking benefits etc.

Content from different sources is required to carry an all round perspective and not just one single point of view.

Connect with readers

Your authentic personality in these articles should be reflected. Readers connect with your tone, passion and overall character. 

Although we edit your content, we will try to keep it close to the original.

Writing Guidelines

Tips for your articles will help you to improve and boost your online personality and reputation. 

Simple rules to give your article the quality: A minimum of 1,000 words; not too long nor too short.

A bulleted list the points at the top of the article to convey key points; 

An authoritative advice for businesses with original content that has never been published before, based on your own experiences supplemented by research will be appreciated.

Your article should be conclusive so that additional information will not be needed to start a business. 

Instructions given step by step detailed in your article should empower anyone who wants to start a business.

Great results for the valuable time of our readers should be expected.

when you follow this link to apply to become a contributor, give us details about your professional experience, samples of previously published content, and links to your personal social media to help us verify your identity; information to allow us to see whether your expertise is a match for our contributor program.

Allow us a glimpse into your professional journey with an insightful bio, a professional picture, and evidence of your connection to the business community.

Allow up to a week for your contributor application to be reviewed and approved, or it may happen within a day.

When you submit an article, ensure it meets our guidelines for quality, authoritativeness and originality. 

We will then approve or decline the article though the editors will usually include a note to indicate why it was not approved so it can be fixed and resubmitted.

When your article is accepted it is edited to be published.

If it is poorly written and contains a lot of grammatical and spelling errors or overly promotional for your company or product, your article can be declined.

Feel free to reach out if you just want to chat!

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