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Everyone cannot afford to get a million dollar investment for their business and thus starting a business becomes a bit hard. Most of the startups have all the plans but they lack proper funding. If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a business but has very minimal capital to invest then this article is perfectly for you.

What could be the least amount be to start a business that can give you decent returns to have a standard way of living. In United States where living standard is quite high and especially in states like California, Florida, Washington and Texas, starting a business is quite expensive. Therefore a business in minimal investment becomes quite hard to think about.

But if you have a smart idea backed by a comprehensive plan then it is very much possible to start a business and that too with $1000 investment. A business plan is a must to have while you start a business as it will ensure that you remain focused with your objectives and it also lays down a proper roadmap for your business to proceed.

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Most of us would reject the idea to start a $1000 business thinking it to be a futile exercise given low returns but one must remember that most of businesses that are success today had started with a humble beginning. So let’s held our head straight and figure out some fantastic ideas that you can start with or under $1000. Here are ten such business ideas.

Here is a list of 10 small businesses that you can start under $1000 investment

#1. Start your Own Online Tutoring Business

It is to be assumed that all of you who have been reading this would have some educational qualification. Choose a subject or topic you know well and start to prepare a notes on it. Then record down videos explaining the topic in detail and post it one YouTube and some other websites like Udemy.

You will need video editing softwares like Camtasia, that will come under $1000

You can also make informational videos on YouTube that can attract traffic. These videos most focus on politics, current affairs, news that attract public attention, etc.

Online tutorials have become quite a norm these days as most of the educators are utilising this mode for not only helping the students but also getting good returns.

Many students look for videos that relates to competitive exams and they also look for information regarding the same. Some topics include, how to prepare for Harvard Law School? Which are the best Law Schools in USA?

#2. Publish your First E-book

E-books have become quite trending since the rise in digitalisation. Many of us prefer to read e-books rather than traditional hardcopies. Well, writing a book isn’t that simple. What one means is you can write down e-books of 3000 to 15000 words and can publish it online. Niches for such e-books should be such that people look for.

Some example include: 50 Recipes and how to cook it, tourist guides for different countries, current affairs, educative case materials for competitive exams, etc. Try to write on topics that can be written with ease and is highly in demand.

Educative materials have huge demand among student community which can help you in getting good returns. You can sell your e-books on various e-com websites and also on your own website.

#3. Start Blogging as a Business

When your website gets good traffic you also get good advertisements that are profitable in nature. Why not start you own blog on topics that are trending and that can push the viewer to click on the link. It is not bad to use sensational topics to gain viewers but you should always maintain the professional ethics and remain stuck to quality content.

A news blog is a perfect way to start and you can get your blog running in under $1000. You can easily get a domain at cheap price and you can get a website designed for you in a limited amount. The rest is constant hard work and smart work to grow towards success.

#4. Mobile Food Corner

Rent a van and make it a mobile food corner. Get it customised according to your needs. It is one of the most profitable business venture with limited investment. If you find managing a van difficult then you can simple open your food corner near roadside using few tables and chairs.

Your food corner will have junk food, shakes, tea, coffee, fruit juice and other such eatables that are popular among people of that locality.

The best place to start this venture is near educational institutes or densely populated place like tourist spots. Educational institutes would be better as students prefer cheap food that has taste in it. Pan pizzas, burger, rolls, pan cakes, are few such examples.

#5. Tailoring and Altering Work

Well most of us these days prefer readymade garments over tailored ones but yet there is preferable demand of tailors. Most people also look for cheap yet smart altering tailors whose only job is to alter cloths based on requirements.

This is lucrative business as you can earn a decent amount on each cloth. In order to build your business you can share your contact details with residential apartments and their authority to give suggestions to the residents when it comes to tailoring work. You can also iron cloths for extra income. With small business there is decent return.

#6. B2B Delivery Service

With the rise of digitalisation, people these days choose home delivery option over the traditional one. From daily shopping to ordering food online, most of the shopping has now moved to online mode. B2B delivery service means business to business delivery service where you will team up with e-commerce ventures to deliver goods and services for them.

Especially when it comes to newbie e-com businesses you can offer your delivery services to them. Make a team of hardworking individuals who will do the delivery work in a particular locality. Whenever there is requirement you can send your boy for the work.

#7. Drafting Business Plan and Advising

A business plan drafting requires basic knowledge on the topic and drafting methods. You can start a business related to drafting business plans and also rendering advice on how to draft a perfect business plan.

Since we are in a country that runs on startups and innovations, everyday United States see hundreds of startups. It is obvious that all of such startups at least require a business plan. Most of such business do prefer a business plan and that is where you can make handsome amount of money by drafting a business plan for them.

#8. Swimming Pool Cleaning Business

Swimming pool cleaning business is on rise as many people find luxurious to own a swimming pool of their own. Leave aside residential pools, there are numerous public pools that require regular cleaning. You can start a cleaning business with limited investment.

For this you need some cleaning tools. You need to have water testing kits that will ensure the quality of water. Secondly, you will also need skimmers for collecting and removing floating objects. You will also need chemical and other such substances for cleaning the pool thoroughly. Vacuum heads and hose, Telescoping pole, Leaf traps, Brushes, cleaners, Vac Plates, etc.

Build your market by advertising and making networks with housing societies, hotels, clubs, schools, etc. Most of the equipment can easily be brought within the budget. You can rent few of them.

#9. Pressure Washing Business

You can easily start this business with investment of under 1000 dollars. All you need to do is to buy a pressure washing machine for clean vehicles, buildings, roads, structures and other such commercial properties.

A pressure washing machine for a vehicle costs around $100-$200. Apart from investing money on machines and other required items, you can invest few bucks in marketing elements like business cards, websites and local marketing.

Firstly, you will need to pressure washing machine, a vehicle to carry such equipment, cleaning equipment like detergent, cleaner, pipes, etc. Apart from it you will need a tanker to store a large amount of water for cleaning. Most of the equipment can be rented to avoid extra expenditure. You can advertise and network to build your market which is quite lucrative.

#10. Raising Farm Animals

Raising farm animals can be a very profitable business. You can raise farm animals like rabbit, chicken, goats, rams, sheep, pig, etc. If you have good space in your residence then you can also good for raising cows and buffalos but if you have limited space then you can raise small animals.

You can also venture into raising fish and beehives to sell honey. Raising a chicken and rabbit is a very profitable business. It requires very limited investment and limited care to raise them and in the end you can sell them for good returns.

Chickens can easily be sold for meat and egg while people purchase rabbits as a pet as well as for meat. Both of them can give you good return with 6 months. The only thing you need is some space and a permanent caretaker.


These 10 businesses are the ones that have promising future and good returns. You can venture into any of your choice with $1000 as investment. Before you proceed, plan your business smartly and then go ahead.

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