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In a capitalist country like the United States where standard of living is quite high it is quite hard to believe that one can start a business in $100. But there are some small businesses that require an investment of only $100 to get started.

Even if one gets to believe that one can start a business in such a small amount, what kind of business will it be and what return one would get from it?

Such questions require a through answer with well laid plan that will intrigue the reader and convince him in believing that it is indeed possible to start a business in $100. To give a clue, most of such businesses are internet based.

Starting a business in such small time requires through thinking and smart work where you utilize even the most redundant things for your use. Before you make others believe in you it is quite necessary that you should come up with a plan that lays down all the procedure and methods regarding the execution of your plan.

A business plan as one knows contains every single detail regarding the business which includes investment, type of business, its scope, return on investment, how to execute the business, etc. Thus one needs to get a business plan ready in order to convince others in your $100 startup.

Here is a list of 10 business Ideas that require only $100 investment

#1. Start a Blog

As one knows that this century is completely dominated by digitalisation and is well known as the internet era. Most of the news and other contents that we read mostly comes from the web. Why not start a blog of your own? It requires a computer or even smartphone to start writing a blog.

If you are starting new then you can start your blog on WordPress and then can switch to other ones. Blogging is very profitable and one can start it with investment of under $100.

The rest you need is quality content that interests the readers and then can share it one social media. As the traffic will increase so will the ads on your blog helping you get handsome returns.

#2. Drop Shipping Business on Amazon, Shopify, and E-bay

Drop shipping business requires you to sell a particular good to your customer by directly purchasing it from a third party. It is different from the traditional retail selling where the retailer first purchases the good from the wholesaler and keeps it in his warehouse and as when the purchase is made he sells it to the customer.

This drop shipping business has become quite synonymous with e-commerce websites like Amazon and E-bay. You can start your own business with a small investment. Get connected to these e-com websites and sell products by teaming up with small shops who need a market to sell goods.

#3. Start your own Content Writing Agency

Whatever you are reading is also the result of content writing. As people read more from online sources it is obvious that there will always be requirement of content writers. Team up with content writers and start your own writing agency.

There are 100s of websites available that will help you to connect with your clients and also to hire writers. What you will be earning is the difference between what you get from your client and what you pay to your writers. It is a very lucrative business with huge potential.

#4. Try Teespring: A T-shirt Designing and Printing Venture

Teespring is a t-shirt designing and printing venture where one can get a customised t-shirt and other apparels at a very reasonable price. What one can do here is to design and market products online. There are many request and tending options that come in market which require specific designs. You need to be skilled in them and have specific tools to do the designing work.

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You need to create product at start designing section with Teespring launcher. After that you will shared the profit you earn from your work. Using marketing tools and network you can enhance your market. As the order for your product is placed the rest like orders, printing, shipping and delivery will be managed by Teespring.

#5. Home Made Foods for Dogs

Well everyone prefers a pedigree for their beloved dogs but it obvious that people tend to try different foods for their dogs. One can start a business of providing homemade food for dogs that are reasonably cheaper than any packaged and branded products.

The aim should be to render food that is homemade, cheaper and healthy for the dog. It should also have variety and it must ensure that the dog loves eating the food and it has no side effect on the dog.

You can also try food for other pets like rabbit, cat, chicken, horse and cattle. Cakes, cookies and other products especially made from meat is most preferred by the buyers. Sell them are reasonable price and earn good returns.

#6. Street Vendors: Some Attractive Cheap Items for Kids and Household

While walking from market areas you would have often seen street vendors selling some really cheap yet attractive items. Why not try it? It requires a very small credit to start such business. Items like toys for kids and household items have been into demand at cheap prices.

Figure out products that is in demand and then create a small stock and start selling it as house vendor. Some of the items you can sell are: toys for kids, cheap plastic toys or toys made from PoP, household items like pair knives, cleaners, boxes, mirrors, small decorations, art crafts, etc. Some wooden items and paintings can also be sold based on requirements.

#7. House and Office Cleaning Service

Why not start your own cleaning company? It requires very less investment and $100 is sufficient at the beginning. You can also do the same in office where you may require cleaning through vacuum cleaner and sweeping the floors. Though many people choose to clean their house but most prefer to hire a cleaning service to clean their offices. You can also extend your service by cleaning cars and swimming pools on occasions thus increasing your income.

#8. Stock Trading

Just open up your trading account from a broking company and start to trade your stocks. You will require some investment to start with but a strategic planning can earn you silver. Start slowly and as you get to understand the market well you can pace up.

It is obvious that in such trading loss is also a part but one should not be demoralised by it. Go gradually and study the market thoroughly to understand it minutely. Invest a decent amount after much needed analysis and then earn returns. Do not become impatient to earn too much but progress slowly. If you are convinced then you can proceed.

#9. Start your Own YouTube Channel

It is free of cost to start your own YouTube channel. The only investment you require is to have a computer, a software to edit the video and lastly a video recorder. You can start making videos or even edit already published videos. Monetize your account after a while as you get enough views and then you can start to get returns.

This comes mostly from ads on your videos. Ensure to not breach IPR which will result in removal of your content. Make original contents like v-logging, comedy videos, memes, musical videos, small duration video clips, etc. You can always research the market.

#10. Home Delivery Services

Home delivery service can include any kind of product delivering at home. You can start your home delivery service by getting in contract with e-commerce websites or getting into contract with other reputed courier services.

Other better way is to expand your base in your own locality and become a freelance home delivery service for e-com websites who may go in contract with you. This includes shipping products to your customers at local level. This includes vegetable shopping, small household products, dairy products, food, etc. which one can either order online or by a phone call.

To add more, you can team up with local shops of grocery, restaurant, etc. to do home delivery for their products.

How one can raise more funds?

Obviously you can start a $100 business but what would be wrong if you can attract more investment for your business? Obviously there won’t be any issue and therefore you should also take initiatives to attract investors who may invest small amount in your business.

For this you need to prepare a business plan as stated in the above para. A business plan helps rising entrepreneurs to raise much needed capital. A perfectly articulated plan can influence and also convince your reader to invest in your business. Thus with your $100 and some more investment amount you can go ahead for your startup.

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