The idea of having a side business in the present day cannot be overemphasized. The world is full of ups and downs, and no one can predict what will happen in the future. Having a day

job is good, but not having a side business that will support your daily business is not encouraged in the present world.

Expenses are increasing day by day, and the salary remains stagnant. Rent, Transportation, Food, Clothing and Shelter are on the rise. Before you can get a pay rise at your office, you would have spent a substantive amount of years, and you would have also contributed immensely to increase the finance of your company.

Having a side business helps you in your daily job. You will aim to see your side business grow to become a global brand. The amount of thinking, planning, and organisation you will put into it will be useful in your daily job. If a problem, you have encountered in your side business arises at your office; the solution will not be far-fetched.

However, if you want to start a side business while keeping your day job, let’s have a look at ten business you can begin easily;

#1. Freelance Web Developers

There is no doubt that the Information Technology world is precious in the present world. Becoming a freelance web developer is the right side business. Every business is now going online with their online services to find a website or mobile app. There is probably no modern-day company or industry that can survive without a website.

The world is now a global village; consumers do not necessarily need to visit a shop or a company to buy products or carry out transactions. The invention of mobile applications has helped a lot of businesses to grow and also make workload minimal, especially for businesses in the financial sector. 

For someone who wants to make web Developing a side business, it is straightforward to learn. You can start by learning from yourself. A lot of materials are available online for you to read, there are also a lot of YouTube videos you can watch to know the basics of web development. There is a lot of online platforms that teach people how to become a web developer. You can also enrol for weekends classes at Web Development centres around you.

If you are serious in learning, within six months, you can become a stack web developer. New Web Developers can make up to $2000 every month by building websites for clients. If you add $2000 to the salary you earn, there is no way for you to go broke.

#2. Data Analysis

Data is usually called as a collection of raw facts collected together for reference or analysis. Information is not useful unless it is analyzed and interpreted correctly. All over the world, the need for a data analyst is vast because people deal with data every day. Students in tertiary institutions across the globe will have to write a project before they can graduate. There is no way you can write a plan without collecting data.

Existing companies and even new companies need data analysts. Some companies publish sales and performance monthly or yearly. Data analyst does the majority of what they post. Most times, new businesses employ data analysts to help them research their geographical location; they want to know things that will sell fast in their area.

Data analysts collect facts from people, analyze it, and advise the company on what to sell base on their analysis. A data analyst can also predict future sales. Statistical packages like R studio and SPSS have been designed to help analyze data. You just need a good knowledge of those statistical packages and the ability to collect data to become a data analyst.

#3. Freelance Writer

All over the world, the need for freelancers is rising every day. A lot of website owners hire writers to help them create good content for their websites. Writers are earning very well, especially the experienced ones. Writers charge based on words in an article, so the more you write, the more you earn.

Writers can make $500 in a month for starters. As time goes on and you begin to gain recognition, you can make up to $2000 in a month. You can sign up as a part-time writer and still keep your daily job. You just need passion and dedication to become a writer.

#4. Wedding Photographer

A wedding day is probably the happiest day of couples. Couples want everything that happens on their day captured in photography. Couples are always busy on their wedding days; they want an excellent photographer to record and capture all happenings for later viewing. Since the wedding ceremony takes place mostly on weekend days, being a wedding photographer will not disturb your daily job.

It is easy to shuffle the photography business and your regular job together. A quality camera and some months of training are enough for you to become a good photographer. Photographers also earn good money.

#5. Resume Writing

Every year, Colleges churn out graduates to the labour market. As a fresh graduate from college, your resume is as important as your grade. Sometimes it holds the same importance as your degree has. A resume is the first opportunity a job seeker has to sell himself to the employer, and the job seeker needs to have a good resume.

Job seekers are now aware that a lot of times, there is a lack of good resume that disqualifies them from getting their dream job. This revelation has made resume writing a very profitable business, and the need for resume writers have risen. If you can make a good resume, it is a perfect way of making an income while keeping your daily job. Many platforms hire resume writers; you can join and start making extra income.

#6. Public Speaking

Public speaking is a lucrative business in America. Public speaking is not like other jobs; it takes extra effort to become a successful public speaker in America. There is a lot of training a public speaker will undergo to be a good speaker, sometimes it is inbuilt. A public speaker has to be eloquent, he or she must not be intimidated by the number of people he is talking to, and more importantly, he must be able to control the crowd.

Some political analysts in the United States attributed the success of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election to his ability to deliver excellent public speeches. You can’t attain any political office in America today if you are not a good public speaker. The current president Donald Trump is another excellent example. The average public speaker in America makes about $77082 annually. It is a skill you can develop and earn extra income from it.

#7. House Cleaning/Decoration

For some, cleaning their homes is a big task, especially when they live in one of the busiest cities in America. It might also be due to their busy schedule at work, or it is just a task they do not like. You can get graphic designers to help you design a flyer or print business cards and give to people. Most people choose the weekend days for house cleaning chores and decorations. You can be a house cleaner or decorator and still keep your daily job

#8. Translator 

The influx of non-nationals into America has translated a job in high demand. The Chinese, Arabs, Indians, and a host of all other nationals are investing heavily in the United States. In the MLS alone, more than a hundred non-English citizens are playing for various clubs. The field of translation is a big money-spinner if you want to make extra income without leaving your daily job. A translation job would be the best idea to adopt with your day job.

Research shows that a translator can earn 19.67$ per hour. Arabic, French, Hindi, and Mandarin are advisable to learn for anyone that wants to venture into the field of translation.

#9. Grocery Shop for Adult

Not every job gives time to enable people to engage in other things. Some people do not have free time to even shop for their home needs. There are older adults and physically challenged people who need the services of someone that can get them what they need as at when due. There are platforms that one can join and make extra money by grocery shopping for people without leaving your daily job.

#10. Freelance Proofreading and Editing

As the demand for writers continues to increase, so will the need for proof-readers and editors increase. Not all writers know the rule of the usage of English words, and in some cases, they may be too fast to meet deadlines, so they omit certain words or neglect the basic rule of the English language.

There is a need for someone who will take his time to examine what the writer has written so that it will meet the essential requirements of the readers when published.

In summary

It is crucial to have a side business. The extra income you will make from this business will complement your salary. The business ideas stated in this article require little or no capital to start-up and good money-spinner. You just have to be good at what you do.

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