The last year hit by Covid-19 pandemic reshaped our world and how we see things. Where leaving your workplace was not an option for many, today, people are lying on their couches since months busy with their computers and mobile phones working as usual.

But there is also a category of job where one doesn’t need to be at a specific place or required to visit the office to execute the task. These works relying mostly on technology require a computer, an internet connection and your phone along with the prerequisite knowledge and skill regarding the business.

Here are ten such businesses you can run from anywhere:

#1. Digital Marketing Business

Digital Marketing is a set of marketing practices applied on digital platforms that uses computer, mobile phone and internet. Though the basic fundamentals of marketing remain the same, the approach changes in this. 

Digital marketing requires target marketing of potential customers using data mining which can give precise data of users and their interest towards products. One can easily become a digital marketing expert with proper training.

In order to set up your business, you need to build your team of marketing experts along with basic infra. Or you can work with some company as an employee or on contract to execute the job.

In the end, you only need to sit on your desk with a computer and internet connection to work. You can run your business anywhere from the world with just two requirements. 

#2. Business Consulting Company

You can create your own website, market your business as a consultancy company on social media or become part of freelance websites in order to render your business consultancy service.

Today’s business consultancy business runs mostly through this method where you won’t be interacting with your client directly but through emails or video conferencing. This not only reduces the travel and accommodation expense but also helps your client in approaching the best consultant of choice sitting at home.

Business consultancy from anywhere will be more fruitful when your target is a client who is willing to invest in foreign country. Before visiting the particular country, they opt to take consultancy in order to take further steps.

You only need an expert for business advice along with a computer, internet connection and work-related utilities.

#3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistance has become quite common these days. VA is an office administrator whose job is to work out the daily routine of the office or the head. The job includes daily planning, booking schedules, responding and sending mails, fixing meetings, providing back research and other administrative jobs.

All this job is done sitting at a far-flung place at home or some secondary office. All the communication happens through the email and phone. Virtual assistance business has become quite trending with businesses avoiding the cost of additional office expenses.

You can offer your service from home without commuting to the office. In simple words, you can run your business from anywhere. Office will render all the important details and drafts for work through the mail.

#4. Blogging/Vlogging and Podcasts

Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasts, all require just a computer and internet connection with some definite skills. You can write on topics you feel you master. You just need to be talented enough to write in a way that it appeals to the reader.

Vlogging is making daily videos on a particular niche and uploading it on social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. People are earning thousands of dollars from Vlogging.

There are various kinds of niches that you can choose like food vlog, travel vlog, tech reviews, automobile reviews or on some other topics. You don’t need an office, just decent furniture.

Podcasts are  video series made on a particular topic where experts are invited to talk on the topic with a host often asking questions or conducting the podcast. Podcasts have become quite trending these days and are very informative and interesting in nature.

Through videoconferencing, you don’t need to personally meet and record the podcasts, just connect through VC and record the session sitting at your home.

#5. Digital Products Development

Digital Products include software, e-book, web portal, apps, graphic design, etc. Development of these digital products doesn’t require any commuting from one place to another.

You can just sit at your desk with your computer and internet connect along with the requisite skills. The business of these digital products has seen high rise in the last one decade as use of digital portals has risen in quantum.

This digital market size is growing at 16.5% CAGR and is expected to cross the 1000-billion-dollar mark by 2025. It is presently at 469.8 billion dollars. 

#6. Online Tutor

Making tutorial videos, graphics, presentations and notes too do not require any travel. Just sit at your place and make all of the above on your computer. Online tutorial has seen a quantum jump since affordable internet has become accessible to people over the globe.

Especially during the lockdown days in 2020, people have relied hugely on online tutorials for the education of their children. Many students also find it affordable and better in comparison to other modes of additional tutorial.

The online tutor market is growing at 15% CAGR and is expected to grow by 132 billion dollars in the period 2020-2024. One can utilize this opportunity to build one’s own business in this field.

You just require bare minimums with skills and knowledge of the subject. This business can earn you fortunes if planned strategically.

#7. E-Commerce Store

Selling products online is the new norm. E-com sale in the global market was recorded at 3.53 trillion dollars in 2020 while the overall revenue was 6.5 trillion dollars. This growth will continue in years to come.

You can be part of this e-com business in any form whether as seller, e-com website manager, being the owner of e-com website or through any other way. You don’t require to move anywhere apart from being at your desk using your computer.

Develop an e-com website with some special themes. You can sell anything that you feel you can easily sell. You need to plan and research accordingly with some background work.

Another option is to become a seller on any of the e-com websites like Amazon. You can sell things you want to like artistic creations. Paintings, sculpture, e-books, books, handmade artistic products, food items, clothing, etc. 

#8. Writing Services

Writing services include content writing, academic writing, resume writing, web content, product description and review writing. Online writing has also gained traction since the rise of digitalization.

With millions of websites, billions of social media posts, billions of products for sale online, resumes, reviews, etc. there is a very big market for content writers. With some basic skills of writing, one can earn decently in this field.

Writing, as mentioned above, has different categories like content for websites and web products, resumes, academic writing that requires citation, e-books, reviews for products and many more.

There are certain websites and platforms where you can search for writers and clients who will offer you writing work. Like all above businesses, this too doesn’t require any commute. Sit at home and keep writing and you will earn pretty handsomely. 

#9. Accounting and Bookkeeping

With basic knowledge of accounts, excel sheet and auditing, one can easily start an accounting and bookkeeping business. Certain businesses rely on freelance accountants for such jobs as they find it a bit cheaper.

You don’t need to visit the office of your client. Just sit at home and you will be supplied with all the documents and sheets of the business concerned. Go through it and do your work sitting at your desk in front of your computer.

You can connect with your office through email and phone when required. You can take various such projects as per your capacity and work from your home. You can similarly hire assistants for your work through online means.

Just allot them their work and it can all be done sitting at home. Bookkeeping will give you very decent returns. A dozen of projects can easily give you returns enough that you will be better off without a formal job.

#10. Sales and Promotion

There are certain people over the social media and online platform whose job is to promote certain products for which they are paid. They are called social media influencers. They are paid handsomely for every post they do for certain products.

Secondly, one can also promote products online or through phone calls. You can join such marketing and sales companies and you can sit from home and make phone calls, write emails or do social media posts while sitting at home.

To be a social media influencer, one needs to earn followers which also requires certain skills. Your content should have creativity and appeal to the audience. This industry is growing day by day where businesses are using such influencers to market their products rather than using the old methods of using celebs. 

Be part of it and you can earn handsomely through promotions.

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