explaining new and upcoming app ideas to the people

Is there any mobile application that doesn’t exist right now? How come that be even possible!

This may be your first reaction looking at the title of this article, isn’t it? However, even when there are more than 2.8 million applications for mobile devices on the Google Play store, there are still many more mobile apps that are required to be designed and developed. 

With more than 2.7 billion users of smartphones across the globe, the mobile application industry is thriving and every day or every hour, need and ideas for new mobile applications are getting on board. 

While according to various researches, surveys, it has been found that most of the people check their phones at least once within every 12 minutes and out of the total mobile usage (time) the maximum is spent on mobile applications.

The industry is expected to generate a revenue of $189 billion in the year 2020 which is massive as you can see and still many applications are yet to be developed to add to this revenue. 

So, here is a list of 15 such mobile application which is need of the hour but yet to be developed.

#1. A Mobile App Which can Share the Battery

A Mobile App which can share the powers of mobile batteries. Though now we have power banks with us, there is no guarantee that the mobile batteries won’t run out when you need them the most.

So, if there can be an application that can share the battery power with someone else’s mobile phone that can be beneficial.

It can be safer for the women who comes back home late at night from work with almost dead phones. This will help not only to charge up their mobile phones but also to let the other person know about the situation. If this application comes with a GPS setting, then the location can also be shared. 

#2. A Mobile App that Help you Talk to a Person with the Same Feelings

There is so many social media application, dating application for smartphone users nowadays, but hardly any of these lets you express your feeling or help you talk to a person with the same frequency.

If there can be an app on which you can type or select the topic you want to talk about, and the application will find you another person who wants to talk about the same topic. Sometimes, it is easier to talk about difficult things to strangers. 

#3. A Mobile App for Counting the Calories of your Food

A Mobile app for counting the calories of your food just by scanning the food. You must have used the photo scanner by now, and hundreds of food apps and read blogs about having a low-calorie diet and its benefit. What if all these get punched into one single application where you can just scan the food you are going to eat and the application will tell you about the calorie count of the same.

It will surely help you cut out some of the extra calories, what do you think? 

#4. A Mobile App to Find Someone’s Location

A Location finding application. You must be wondering there are already so many location-based applications for the smartphone. But we are talking about finding someone’s location. What we have now is for sharing the location of your own with your known person on the contact list on any other application.

But, what about an application that let your friend find your location with the help of GPS and contact number and network? This application can do great in avoiding many mishaps and accidents and crime. 

#5. A Mobile App that can Help you Choose the Right Dress

How about an application on your smartphone that can help you choose the right dress for the party or function you are going to attend? Often we find ourselves in a dilemma for not able to choose the right attire for any occasion.

An app can be developed which can scan our face and body structure and suggest what kind of apparel can look the best on us. This can be a great application for the women who are always confused about their dresses, we believe!

#6. Mobile App for Document Conversion

A mobile app for pdf conversion with scanning option. You can often find your clients asking for pdf documents of the invoices, bills, and other documents. An application on your mobile phone which can easily convert to pdf from images can be really handy in this situation.

So, your phone camera can scan the documents and make a pdf copy of the same. You can then send it to the clients. This saves time and effort to a great extent. 

#7. Criminal Detection App

Criminal detection App can be another really useful app for everyone nowadays. Yes, this is possible with a mobile application as well. The application can show you the pictures of the criminals in your area (recognised by the police) when you meet someone new.

This will help you be safe and not falling into a trap of these criminals. It is highly needed at present as there are so many people meeting online and going for dates, and from there so many criminal offence have been committed. 

#8. A Mobile App for Supermarket

A mobile application that can help you select the items you want from a supermarket, it can do it by scanning the products. It can also come up with a list of items you want, which you need to input before coming to the market.

#9. A Mobile App for Interior Designing

This will help in not forgetting the things you have to buy. Finally, the application can also help in e-payment so that you can avoid the queue of the billing section. 

Not all of us are great with imaginations and drawings but all love to decorate our homes. So, a mobile application for virtual interior designing can be a great idea. This application can scan the picture of your room and suggest the interior decoration you can have.

This can help you save a lot of money which otherwise you have to pay for the interior designer. It can suggest the colours of the rooms, curtains, and colours, showpieces, and other objects and wallpapers and others. 

#10. A Mobile App for Monthly Bill Management

Bill management application can help you remember all your payments’ due dates and you cannot miss any while you have this kind of application on your mobile. This application can store all the bill due dates, and alerts or notifies you whenever a due date is approaching. There can be also an option like automatic bill payments on this application. 

#11. Food Donation App

Food Donation app is the need of the hour as there are so many people who cannot afford to buy a square meal for themselves. This application can be made where the restaurants and even individuals and families can check for the charities and NGOs who work for these unfortunate people and donate their food which otherwise would have gone to waste-bins.

For this, the NGOs would need to sign up on the application and the people who want to donate. Then they can select the quantity of food they want to donate and in which location and accordingly, local NGOs can pick up the food and provide to them who need them the most. 

#12. A Mobile App for Social Goal Sharing

With so many social media applications, now there can be some social goal-sharing applications as well and this is also required by our society. This application can help people with the same goal in life like healthy living and fitness goals, quitting drinking or smoking and others can come together. This will help create a better community and also help the user to make friends with people of similar interests. 

#13. A Mobile App for Event Management

An application for party and event planning and management can be a successful application nowadays. With the application, one can invite the people he or she wants in one go and also create beautiful virtual invitation cards. It can also help you plan the party according to the number of guests. For example, how many food items you would like to order, decorations and theme selection and other such requirements can be suggested by this application.  

#14. A Mobile App for Public Transportation (All in One)

One of the most important applications for them who use public transport can be an app showing all the public transport in your city. You would just need to input the destination and your location, it can show the different busses/trains/trams that run in that route along with the timing. This can help you not to miss the bus you needed to board to reach the office on time. 

#15. A Solitude App

Finally, Solitude App or an application for stopping all other application on your phone which distract you from concentrating on the work you are doing. These mobile applications are addictive and thus one needs a break from all these, especially the social media applications. 

There are hundreds and thousands of other mobile applications that are demanded by other users and they are yet to be made. With the number of rising mobile application users every year an ever-increasing number of downloads, the demand for new applications is spiking every year.

It has been projected that the demand for mobile application can surge up by 25% in the next 2-3 years while in the last year (2019) only, the number of mobile application downloads was 205 billion.