Transportation in the USA is a billion dollar industry and is growing exponentially. With the advent of e-commerce, that requires transportation of packages in a very high numbers everyday, the growth curve of this business in not going to flatten anytime soon. Even in the ongoing pandemic, this business is thriving.

This is a kind of business in which you start small and then go big eventually. For example, “Man with a Van” is a type of business which provides simple moving service in a particular locality. We have seen examples where this type of business grows from one van to a multiple vans in a couple of cities.

A simple idea can change the fortune of your business in no time. In this blog post, we have crafter some promising transportation business ideas that you can start small and then go big.

20 Best Transportation Business to Start in 2021 are:-

#1. Become a Broker for Trucking Companies

This is very smart and interesting business. All you have to do is to connect e-commerce companies with the trucking companies. It is also know as a freight broker. As a fright broker, you duty is to find quick, reliable and cost effective transportation companies that can deliver large amount of packages. You as a broker will be responsible for delivery of the package from start to finish. You can read more about this business here.

#2. Elderly Transportation Business

Everyone should give back to the society and you can do it by serving seniors in very cost effective manner. In this business, you will help senior citizens in their transportation from one part of the city to another for medical checkups, shopping, etc. This is a particular age demographic business and you need to reach out to customers smartly. A highly targeted Facebook ads will be very effective in this case. You can start this business with one or two fleets and then grow as per demand.

#3. Refrigerated Transport Business

Refrigerated transportation is helpful in transportation of various products like chemicals, medicines and medical equipments, foods, flowers, etc. The term “Cold Chain” refers to the transportation of temperature-sensitive items. The demand for refrigerated transportation is on the rise locally as well as across the globe . There is an opportunity for everyone to enter into this market as long as they can meet the FDA rules and regulations .

#4. Bus Shuttle Service

Shuttle is generally a form of transportation service that travels regularly between two places. Airport shuttle service is going to be most profitable niche in this type of business. You should consider transportation between small towns after doing some ground research.

#5. Start an App Based Taxi Service Like Uber

It’s a fantastic idea connecting users to service providers and sit back and enjoy the commission from both sides.

Users call you from wherever they are and your computer let’s the taxi drivers to know.

Anyone in the neighborhood takes up the call and goes to the user client after calling them and letting them know.

Can you improvise a similar service and benefit from both user and the taxi driver?

You could make an app similar to that.

#6. Start Car Shuttle Business

In Mexico City, car shuttle service operates successfully where the buses don’t reach.

For example, think of the remote places where only cars can take you home.

Start up a carpool service in these places where people experience a difficulty to find buses.

Four to five passengers can divide the cost among themselves which is decided by the one who runs the car shuttle.

A similar business like Bla bla taxi in the UK can work very well in the USA too if you like the idea.

#7. Outstation Car Rentals

Rent out cars or run a taxi service between big cities not too far from each other.

It works out fine if you are connecting drivers to passengers who enjoy doorstep pickups from their homes.

They can even return by the same taxi by arranging timings.

Convenient for both passengers and taxi drivers while the service makes money for you.

So make the app and advertise on FB and everywhere to get connected.

Just a business permit and insurance is required.

#8. Start Courier Service

Starting a courier service is not difficult if you have employees and a company is set up. It can become a success as people start trusting you and you start collecting parcels from homes and offices.

The essence is time here. Your parcel should reach the destination in time.  Make sure you advertise effectively online etc to get enough orders to make it work.

You can start working in the same city from office to office or offices to homes.

Banks are most likely to use a personalised courier service to impress the customer.

A business permit will be needed. No license is necessary. Get cargo insurance.

You can link up with TNT and charge extra for collection from homes and help with package etc.

#9. Truck Transportation Service

You can own or rent a truck from freight companies which allow you to own it.

Decide whether you want a refrigerated truck or trailer.

The company takes care of all the licenses and permits along with insurance etc.

They will get you orders too.

It’s a well growing top business.

Just be prepared to be away from your family for long intervals.

You will have a place to rest inside the truck to sleep well at the truck stops.

#10. Passenger Bus Service or Double Decker Bus Tour

Passenger buses and double decker buses are uncommon in the USA.

But if you like to get one,it will cost you around $300,000 on

Then you can start a big bus tour company like they have in NY.

Licensing is required and permits for a business registration.

Passenger buses are usually Greyhound buses owned by the company.

Insurance is a must which will pay for all the passengers in case of an accident.

#11. Start Your Own Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business

NEMT training is available to transport seniors in non medical emergency. Number of seniors is increasing in the States 70 million in 2030.

So it’s a great business opportunity.

Info about how to start a franchise for  non medical emergency transportation is available from  websites in different states is different.

But you must own a vehicle which is not a car or a truck.

It must be like a van to be able to carry seniors on stretchers providing them oxygen or glucose drips when it is necessary.

You must also get specialised training to do such transportation.

#12. Become an Air Ambulance Service Provider

Air ambulance for transport  in emergencies when transportation to a far away health facility or hospital is required.

So buy an aeroplane if you want a start up for that kind of transportation and hire special duty nurses to attend to on flight patients.

You must calculate the cost of such an aeroplane etc with all the equipment needed and also the salary for staff including a pilot and the wardboys who  carry the stretcher required to get started.

All kinds of insurance will be needed.

A company must be incorporated to avoid suing for personal assets with liability insurance.

Permits from the health dept will be required who will verify you are capable of handling this in emergency with proper experience.

Good luck with that. 

#13. Bicycle/Bike Rental Business

Save your city from congestion and pollution by introducing bicycle rental services.

Buy some bicycles from your neighborhood who may not be using it by displaying a sign saying ‘ bicycles wanted’ or give an ad in the local newspapers.

Flea market is a good place to buy them also.

Then you have to register your business to get IRS identification number for payment of taxes.

Fix the prices for an hour or per day and display a sign saying,’ bikes for rent’ to start making money.

No license is required.

But a personal liability insurance is required as well as bike theft insurance.

You never know if someone will sue you for getting into an accident.

You could make them sign a paper saying you are not responsible in case they get into an accident.

They could still claim that your bicycles were faulty.

So keep them in good form and take pictures so you can claim any damage.

Some deposit should be collected before giving out your bike or bicycle.

#14. Start Livestock Transportation Services

Do you want to take horses or other animals from place to place?

You will need a special truck for carrying horses or cattle with plenty of air passing through.

Poultry carrying vans are different which can also be used for carrying other pet animals like rabbits or birds in cages.

Clearly you will need permits and license with insurance for the truck and the animals.

#15. Packers and Movers Business

Packers and movers make a living by helping people to move and get paid.

If you think you can handle that, you can buy or rent a truck and get started.

Decide how to charge depending on the hours and distance etc.

You will need a permit and insurance.

#16. Open a Travel Agency

Travel agency is a great opportunity if you can help people to realise their dreams smoothly and not getting into hassles.

Travel should be a pleasure and not pain.

You could be issuing tickets linking up with other travel agencies and get your commission.

Help people to get visas to go and see the country of their choice.

You could organize group tours to get many people to travel together.

You will need a permit and insurance.

#17. Airport Transport Services/Maintenance Business

Shuttle to airport in LA is called Lax.

Why not make money providing a shuttle service to the  airport from the City and back with a few pick up points?

Make provision for carrying luggage.

You will need insurance for the bus you rent or buy and also cover the driver and passengers.

Luggage insurance is also advisable in case of damages.

#18. Shipping

Shipping is a profitable business if you can provide a ferry service from a coastal city to another. Ships can take us from the US to Caribbean or Mexico.

Ferry is a good option if  anyone want to take his car with them. Buy or charter a ship and hire some mariners if you want to become a proud captain in white uniform.

#19. Small Boat Services

I love boats and rowing them in lakes. If you own a boat you could start a service renting them as houseboats or use them to take people from place to place on tours to make money.

You will need a license and permit with insurance for yourself and the boat including the people you carry. Some boats are converted to restaurants and they look beautiful.

#20. Parcel Tracking Application

In transist parcels can be tracked in just few clicks with the help of this application. You can hire a company for development and marketing of this type of applications. Contact trucking companies and convince them to use your mobile application for tracking.

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