Tuesday, September 22, 2020

20 Education and Training Based Business Ideas

Education is what makes a country rich and progressive. Today a startup based on education is the easiest and most popular way to achieve our personal goals as well as national prosperity.

It is the right time to explore the market in educational businesses to see how you can benefit in these days of high unemployment.

Don’t wait for jobs and be innovative to get your share of the riches parents are prepared to pay to get the highest education for their children.

Even the poorest of the poor have started looking at education as the only way out of poverty.

Below are 20 Education Based Businesses that you can Start Today:-

#1. Online Learning (App based)

You must have come across Byju’s app teaching online. It was a revolutionary idea and made Raveendran a millionaire in a short time.

You can make an app like that and start teaching online.

Students buy a tablet with his app installed and take up online learning in different courses. The app makes education appear like a game.

Children are attracted to it as they feel like they are playing a video game.

It’s more entertaining than taking a book and studying. In a book, there is only one subject and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

But the app gives you all subjects and you can find what you want in a few seconds by typing in the search box.

Give them what they want by getting teachers to record their online classes on videos.

No license is necessary in this type of business but you have to pay taxes on the sales.

#2. Skill Development Center

Skills like using a computer or even carpentry are best learned in a place on one to one basis by practising.

You can start a skills development centre teaching what you know. It could be music teaching how to sing or play an instrument.

Cooking is a skill which can pay by working in a restaurant or starting one.

Which is your forte?

You will need to register your business and rent a place with equipment you need.

Insurance for fire hazards is a must.

#3. Pre-School Franchise

Parents are looking for the best Pre-school today to teach their children reading and writing through play.

Montessori schools are popular.

You could get a franchise by looking at which one is functioning best in your City. You could also look for something innovative which doesn’t exist anywhere near you.

A franchise comes with necessary license etc so you don’t have to worry about the risks involved. Just pay a sum to get started.

Rent a building in a neighbourhood where there is no such school in the vicinity.

#4. Computer Training

If you know about computers, start giving training by setting up a centre. Choose a good location and premises you can afford to rent or buy.

Buy some computers and furnish with desks and chairs. Get some interior decorating done to make it look attractive.

Register your business and advertise.

You can expect many people to join as the skill will bring them jobs.

#5. Academic Coaching Classes

What children learn in school is not enough. They don’t understand very well and stay behind.

You could start Academic Coaching classes to compliment their after school hours.

Parents wouldn’t mind paying huge sums to see their children doing well in studies rather than wasting their time playing video games or watching TV.

The level of teaching should be from primary to High school level at least. You could add higher level classes later.

Get started at home if you have space.

#6. Develop a Tutor Finder App

Many students can’t find tutors in the subject they need help with. Similarly, tutors have a hard time finding students.

An app can connect them and you make money whenever a student or tutor takes your help.

So you sit at home collecting money without even teaching. You don’t need premises or furniture.

Just register your business and get started if you can get someone to make such an app.

#7. Offer Proofreading Service

Are you good at spelling and grammar? You can proofread manuscripts or any writing online in any preferred language.

I can do it in three languages.

All you need to do is pay taxes for your earnings.

So register and get an IRS number or file your IT returns to declare your income if it’s above the limits of taxation free income.

Advertise or look for proof reading jobs online.

#8. School and College Supplies

One way to make money is by setting up a shop near schools to sell School and College supplies.

Students will come to buy their notebooks and pens or pencils. Crayons and paints can be added plus geometry boxes as required.

You can supply to schools and colleges directly if they are supplying to children free of cost or by charging them.

You will have to find a shop for lease or sale near schools and register your business.

Insure for thefts and fires etc.

#9. Start a Career Magazine

I had started a magazine in the UK and it had sections to help careers.

You could start a magazine dedicated to careers to advise those who seek to make a career in their lives.

You could limit it to one career like architecture or write about different career options. Get people specialised in their fields to write and pay them per article.

You could be selling and become famous as an editor by making attractive cover pages and useful articles.

You can work from home or rent an office where advertising and typesetting can be designed with graphics.

Hire a publisher to print it.

You can distribute it yourself by placing several copies in shops or get a distributor to do it for you.

#10. Consultancy Services

Become an education consultant to advise students to choose what to study after High school.

They may want to get training in practical skills if they are not interested in studies anymore.

If you can guide them to go abroad for higher studies or get a job and settle down, they would appreciate it as they will not be sure about what they should do.

They will pay you for consulting on phone or in person. Fix an appointment and fee to get started from home or a prestigious premises if you can afford it.

#11. Home Schooling Services

Some children or adults cannot go to school due to severe disability etc. Whatever the reason, homeschooling can be done by helping those who need it.

I taught in Iskcon temples in LA and Denver as they did not believe schools were best places for their children to learn.

We taught them Bhagavad Gita and all subjects in the safe environment of the temple. Students took their exams and passed with flying colours so the Govt could not stop them from homeschooling.

#12. Teaching Your Hobby

Hobby centres can be useful if you can teach dancing or singing etc along with other hobbies like collecting stamps or other things.

Anything you are good at starting from sewing or fashion design to dog training can be taught.

Tutors in a field required and sought can be hired if you don’t know how to teach playing chess, for example.

You will need premises with licensing etc. Register to pay taxes.

#13. Educational Toys Business

Children like to learn through toys. Get them toys to teach them alphabets and picture cards teaching them words.

Start a toy library or play centre with educational toys. Children can visit with parents to borrow toys as it is better than buying.

They get bored playing with the same toy so it’s a good idea to borrow from a library. Start selling them if you don’t like a library. Online or from a shop where they can choose personally.

Near schools or a library will be the best location.

You will need a license and permit. Also register your business name to get IRS number to pay taxes.

#14. Employee Training Business

A typist needs training to type fast. A carpenter or a plumber needs training too.

Even an office employee needs to learn how to fill up job applications and attend an interview to get the best job they can.

You could start an employee training centre teaching them how to get along with grumpy bosses or colleagues.

You will need premises and license too. Anyone can get hurt so better to get insured.

#15. Open a Online library

There are many ebooks for sale but there is no online library.

People could become members for free if you can get a lot of advertising due to traffic to your website. So why don’t you try it out? You could also get subscriptions to make better revenue.

No premises needed. No expenses like rent or bills. Just register to pay your taxes.

If you like the ideas, please contact us for further guidance if you need it.

Please let us know if you start up a business by reading this article.


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