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There are more than 40000 gyms across America and it is increasing in number every day as employers and insurers are contributing towards health and fitness club memberships.

The latest craze in America is to practice fitness and nutrition. We can look into this field to see the possibilities of starting a business to become your own boss.

There are businesses opening up everywhere as you can see, showing the trend. One of them could be yours.

Unemployment rate is going up. So why not start your own biz to create some employment?

Licenses are easy to get to start a health oriented business as the City wants you to help it’s people to stay fit and nutritioned.

Now is a good time to get into this field which is generating 80 billion dollars per year.

Below are a few ideas you may like to implement to start up a business of your choice in this area of fitness.

List of 20 Profitable Fitness Business Ideas:-

1. Fitness Brand Building

Brand building is promoting your product in the market through a strategy of logos etc and staying honest to your commitments.

You can help a fitness company buildup their brand to become noted by marketing for them.

You have to understand who the target customers are and direct your advertising on social media websites and billboards etc to your target audience.

Get their confidence and loyalty by building up a relationship of trust and honesty.They must feel this product is what they want. 

When you demonstrate what you can do to build up their brand through effective marketing, other companies will trust you to do the same for them.

2. Become a Health Coach / Personal Trainers

You must have read about athletes and movie stars building up their bodies working with personal trainers. They take care of their client’s health and fitness by advising them and training them in the most effective way.

There is a lot of demand for such health coaches and personal trainers who will take care of your body and mind through their vigorous programs.

If you can go to gyms and observe how these health coaches work,you can also build up a career like them.

3. Open a VR Fitness Center

There are many advanced gyms with VR fitness programs.

You wear a headgear and get into a virtual reality world showing you what you have to do.

You just follow the steps and your exercise becomes easy like you have a trainer in your head with music etc in the heart of nature.

Set up a gym with VR fitness to attract gym goers who would love to use the headgears you provide programmed for a satisfying experience.

You will need premises and invest into these VR head gears etc to get started.

Get your license and permits.

You will have to register your business name and find the best locality in downtown.

Advertise online and in local newspapers too to get your clients.

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4. One-Stop Shop Wellness Center

Wellness centres provide a spa and a hot water swimming pool etc.

Add anything you can think off like a sauna etc so even rich film stars get everything they want in one place.

You could include a health food restaurant with a yoga and meditation hall.

You will need a premises like a health club in the middle of the nature.

Licensing and permits will be needed if you serve alcohol.

Register your business name to get a tax identification nunumber.

5. Health and Fitness Retreats

You can stay in these retreats for a week or two or as long as you like to get your body into shape as well as stay healthy.

They will provide you nutritious diet which could be just a glass of lemon water sometimes if you need slimming down seriously!

Mud baths and hot oil massages are given to refresh your body.

You can start one of these health and wellness retreats to provide a week’s programs for those who can afford it.

The cost is usually high but you should make it worth it.

You will need to buy or rent a premises where people can stay overnight for weeks.

Get your licenses with permits and register your business name.

6. Become a Yoga Teachers

Become a yoga teacher if you have practiced yoga with authentic gurus to understand how it works.

You can also practice with videos available online and YouTube to become thorough.

You will need a hall big enough for at least ten to twenty people practising yoga early mornings before breakfast preferably.

Get some mats and music; buy videos if you want them to practice with videos while you go to individuals to correct their postures.

Yoga centres are being opened everyday in in the USA. So take your share and capitalise as you need no equipment like a gym.

Students can become teachers when they finish your courses.

Register your business name to pay your taxes.

7. Massage Therapists Business

You must have a certificate preferably unless you have trained yourself in the Ayurvedic massage therapy.

Kerala is famous for massage therapy and training.

There are other massage therapy centres like Chinese and Mexicans who give a massage with hot stones or little rocks.

Get some books before you start a massage therapy centre and expect older people to come to cure their back pain and knee pain.

Some study of anatomy is required to understand joints to treat joint pains.

You will need licenses and permits other than premises in a place with plants and trees to refresh with plenty of oxygen.

Get hot oil ready for head massages for those who get headaches.

A catchy business name will help you get more business.

8. Start Healthy Meal Kit Delivery Service

Start a meal delivery service with health food specialised in diets like diabetes or whole food cooked with organic vegetables.

I knew a friend in Milano who would cook vegetarian food in the mornings and take packed plates to be delivered kept hot in the racks of her van through passing hot steam.

Vegetarian meals were relished by the shopkeepers in the Fiera Milano.

Lots of people send tiffin boxes through pay on delivery service in the UK too. Home cooked meals are a bonanza.

I used to cook at home in LA and the neighbours came to buy regularly.

Not a lot of investment is required.

9. Open a Dance Studios

You can start a dance studio if you know how to dance.

You can also get a dance teacher if you don’t know and want to learn. 

You must have a big hall.

Rent a premises if you like to keep your business separate.

Register a business name and get a license and necessary permits with fire insurance etc.

Dancing is a good exercise and the students can make a career out of dance performances.

Participants can make money along with you by giving programs and creating events.

10. Launch Fitness Courses, Tutorials and Podcasts

Online fitness courses are designed for those who cannot go to gyms due to busy schedule or disability.

They can practice at home when they have time to follow up with tutorials and podcasts.

You can start these courses if you are experienced and capable of teaching.

You will need premises if you are not teaching online.

Licensing is needed and permits too.

Register the business name.

11. Become a Nutritionists/Personal Chefs

Become a nutritionist if you have studied about nutrition. Malnutrition and obesity is a problem when junk food is consumed.

Children and adults need to eat nutritious food to stay in good health.

People are moving away from junk food.

Now is a good time to become a personal chef to cook for someone who wants to eat nutritious food made from whole grains with fresh vegetables and not canned beans!

12. Publish your Health and Fitness Book

Are you good at writing?

You can write health books to make money.

People are into health and fitness like never before.

They will pick up a book to read if you have a catchy title and useful content.

You could write about home cures like turmeric for cancer, arthritis and diabetes etc.

13. Start a Fitness Blog

You could write fitness blogs if you know how to write and earn money.

I write for my living and study online about whatever I am asked to write.

My blogs are read by people who tell me they are good.

Try writing about how to keep fit which is a popular topic.

14. Start Home Workouts

Organise home work outs if you have a spacious house.

A friend of mine in Mexico City organised home work out classes inviting her neighbours who were happy to participate.

They all contributed to pay me a handsome amount which worked for almost a year.

You could try it too.

15. Become a Wellness Festivals Organiser

I remember a meditation camp where cultural programs were held in the evenings.

For three days, we enjoyed our stay and the memories are fresh till today.

Wellness festivals can be organised in a retreat with spa and jacuzzi etc to make it enjoyable.

A public park is a good place to hold the festival.

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