Sports is interesting. Not considered as work. We envy those playing sports and making tons of money as the whole country keeps watching sports for diversion.

68% of the millennials don’t interact with the other fans while watching sports. 52% of them like live streaming.

You can benefit by this craze by giving them what they want.

Get into the sports industry and you could be earning big money doing what you like. It won’t be like working in a package industry which is boring.

Think of what you’re good at and get started now.

Here are 20 profitable sports business ideas that you can start today

#1. Start Your Own Sports Radio

How about broadcasting live commentary which is delightful for those who are working.

They could work at factories while their earphones keep streaming live games.

You could be there watching live games and broadcasting as a commentator or hire one while you take care of your radio station.

How much would it cost to start one? Depends on the frequency you apply for.

It takes a long time to get one. Radio station makes money through Advertisements and any special events.

You also have to get premises on rent and pay salaries and permits etc.

But you’re sure to get revenue by streaming live commentary etc.

#2. Start Sports Photography

You should be good at photography and interested in sports to start a career in sports photography.

Many newspapers and magazines will pay well if you get good photographs.

You need to invest your time and a good camera to get started.

High income will be taxable as a service provider.

#3. Become a Sports Blogger or Writer

Become a sports blogger writing articles on sports events. It can pay you well if people read them.

Newspapers and magazines will publish them because they need articles.

Read about sports and visit or watch games on TV to write about them.

Your opinion can count and your blog can become viral if you can write interesting articles.

You pay taxes only if you earn a high income as an individual.

No need for registration of a business unless you have employees writing for you.

No license or permit is necessary.

#4. Become a Personal Trainer or Health Coach

Have you been playing basketball or any other sports?

If you were good at it, you could start your business as a coach or trainer.

Health coach is one who can advise you and train you for bodybuilding.

Fitness is a craze now and take pride in coaching youngsters to stay healthy.

A film star will pay you a high salary to train him personally to stay in form.

Others will hire you as a personal trainer when you see how you are helping your students to stay fit.

#5. PR for athletes

Athletes need a personal representative to get them ahead in life.

They can train in peace when someone is taking care of their business matters.

Manage their affairs to help them win competitions and awards in cash so they can share with you.

Athletes can rise to the top if they have the right PR to support them in their affairs.

It’s all in your hands to talk to people on their behalf and get the best deal for them.

So do your best to get the best rewards for yourself.

#6. Become a Sports Camp Organiser

You must have the experience in organising sports camps like boot camps where they can meet and have healthy competitions and games.

Summer camps are organised all over the States,so take a chance of your speciality in organising a sports camp which may become very popular with those aspiring to be future athletes.

There is a special software you can use to list the equipment etc if you need one.

Get the necessary permits and licenses and get in touch with schools and colleges to get participants.

Also advertise on the social media.

#7. Start Your Own Youth Sports Leagues

Form youth sports leagues to promote better co ordination among those who want to form a team of players.

A team can function better when they form a league to meet regularly and contribute to buy equipment etc to make progress.

You could be their manager when youngsters cannot get together themselves effectively.

They could be from different schools and colleges wanting to meet others with similar interests.

Give ads in social media and post invitation on the noticeboards of schools and colleges to get your participants with the co operation of the authorities.

#8. Open a Sporting Goods Store

Open a store selling sporting goods like footballs etc to make a good profit.

Choose a location near to schools and colleges or a downtown area where everyone can find you.

You will need to rent a premises and also invest in purchasing the goods you can sell.

Tax registration and insurance will be required.

Advertise on social media and local newspapers.

#9. Become a Scout

What better way to teach yourself discipline and skills needed to help the society..

Become a scout to get a sense of belonging and serve those in need.

You will never end up in depression if you have a goal and fulfillment like that of a scout.

Find out from your local school to see the possibility of contributing to the society that gave you a lot to grow up in a safe environment and keep it going.

#10. Start a Sports Website

You could be making money along with those who win the bets to see who wins a particular match of interest.

Just make sure it’s legal in your state before you start a website where people start making bets.

Ask a lawyer if you could make such a website without getting into trouble.

Your website must have a payment portal like PayPal through which people can pay to make their bets.

Tax registration will be required wherever earning a substantial amount is indicated.

#11. Open A Gym

You could earn a regular income and exercise yourself if you can open a gym in a prominent place.

I used to visit a gym in Guadalajara regularly and had fun in using several equipments they had.

We used to enjoy our fitness sessions in front of the mirrors they had all over the gym.

You will need a license and permits as people can get hurt with faulty equipments.

#12. Start a Jersey Customising Business

A team must print the name of their leagues on their jerseys of the same colour to help those who are watching the game to identify the team players.

Make use of the opportunity to customize a Jersey by discussing with the team and get orders.

Take a few samples to show them.

You will need to rent some premises in a prominent place near schools or in downtown to get noticed or do it from your garage until you have enough money.

Equipment for printing a Jersey can be bought online which is all you need.

Register a business name and address to get started.

#13. Sell Sports Memorabilia

You may be collecting sports memorabilia like others who love their favourite teams and players.

When you want to sell them,set up a shop and a website is a must.

It will show a catalogue of all that you have to sell for those who are not near you.

You will be happy to have a whole lot of collection of the memorabilia yourself.

You may not need a shop.

#14. Open a Sports Bar

A sports bar is a place where fans can meet their favourite players in person.

You could profit from the craze of fans by inviting a sports personality now and then for free drinks and sign autographs to get a big crowd of fans.

Make sure you have enough staff to handle the crowd as they can get rough when they are drunk.

Police will come to your help quickly if the situation gets out of control.

Insurance will cover any damages.

So get started by finding a good place for your sports bar in the centre of the city with CCTV watching all around you.

You will need CCTV in your premises as fights can breakout anytime between fans.

A license is a must for selling liquor and keeping it open after late hours is a high risk too.

#15. Become a Referee

You must have played a game for a long time to become a referee and earned a good name.

A boxer who bites the ears of the opponent cannot become a referee obviously!

You get a high salary watching your favourite game and enjoying it by being in the middle of it.

Have sharp eyes and an alert mind to give correct decisions when there is a dispute.

All you will need is a whistle!

You will pay taxes as an individual.

Good luck with your sports career and please let me know if you like my article or benefit from the ideas.

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