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Parents are investing in their kids like never before. They have realised how their kids can reach the skies by studying technology.

My children fulfilled all my incomplete dreams. So could yours.

Kid focused business industry is booming day by day and this is exactly right time to step into it. There are so many services and products aimed at kids and babies. Here in this article we will discuss about 20 profitable kid-focused business ideas that made millions and that will also be successful in 2021.

Rest assured you won’t fail as your business will be welcomed by parents who value their kids above themselves.

List of 20 Profitable Business Ideas Aimed at Babies

#1. Organic Foods Business

Our kids need to eat well to prevent any diseases coming from eating dirty food contaminated with chemicals that come with disinfectants.

You could open a business to provide them with healthy organic food.

Food must be grown with natural seeds like God gave us and grown with no human faces like they are doing in North Korea giving them worms in their stomach.

We grew up with such natural food. Let our children return to that paradise we have lost.

You won’t need more than $10000 if you are looking at a small shop in the heart of your City and you can find many suppliers online including Prince Charles who is doing his own organic farming.

Get your business name registration for tax purposes and any license required to handle perishable food.

Give discounts for food that will be lost to sell quickly.

#2. Baby Furniture Store

New parents would be looking to furnish their baby room in the most innovative or charming way when their baby is arriving.

Give them all the options by getting all those things made or buy from wholesalers.

Invest as little as $20000 to $50000 if you can get financing.

Choose a good downtown location and a pretty name to register to get started.

If you buy from established companies, you will not have to check whether your furniture is safe for kids.
They would have that kind of certificate about using paints that are not toxic etc.

Get insured against fire safety and advertise on social media and near maternity hospitals.

#3. Gaming Center/Toys Store

No kids ever grow up without toys or games to play.

You can choose to sell innovative educational toys and games as parents would welcome something not available in the market.

You could be looking at $20000 to $50000 to invest in your start up.

Not many chances of losses as your goods are not perishable.

Advertise on line as well as in mother’s magazines.

#4. Pre-School

You can start a Pre-school if you have any experience as a teacher. You can employ teachers if you have the ability to administrate.

There are many franchises available if you need a successful model but you will have to pay something.

Start with your own ideas if you have better ideas. Financing is easy with franchises.

You can start from your own home if you have a few kids for babysitting.

You can end up with many kids with the right kind of play home and infrastructure like a play area outside and inside.

Lots of educational toys will keep the kids occupied but be ready with little beds for the ones who may fall asleep.

Feeding them in between will be expected with the snacks they may be bringing.

You will need licenses and registration as per your city requirements.

#5. Kids Spa Center

Kids spa could be providing a swimming pool with a haircutting salon for them etc. Little chairs for them to sit with TV programs in front of them will keep them silent and engaged while you start with pedicures and manicures.

You could be looking at an investment of around $50,000 if you need to make it attractive with a jungle theme etc.

Mothers or fathers will definitely accompany them unless you could establish enough trust to assure them to drop their kids off and pick them up while they are busy working or shopping.

Make sure you have set up a vending machine etc to allow them to buy snacks and drinks.

#6. Retailing of Children’s Educational Materials

Playing cards with alphabets or words with pictures printed on them are something that parents would love to buy for their kids.

Start selling such educational materials online or open a store where children could visit to select their story books or cards of their choice.

Location for your store would be ideal near big elementary schools or any school if you are selling educational materials like text books and note books with pens and pencils etc.

Think of what they would need like pads for tests or exams, calculators etc.

No license will be necessary.

Just register your business name to get a tax number.

#7. Baby Proofing Business

Parents need little gates fixed to their outside doors so babies would not just walk out or crawl out to get lost when the doors are left open accidentally.

Babies lost can be traced with difficulty as they can be kidnapped or they could freeze to death in the cold if they wander into bushes or woods.

A startup selling baby proofing the homes would become popular.

Fireplaces need fireguards to protect kids from getting burnt.

All electric wires must be insulated and plugs at a lower level should be covered up adequately.

Look for innovative baby proofing items for sale online and get them from wholesalers.

#8. Kids Pharmacy Store

Parents looking for baby medicines and hygienic stuff like nappies etc would find it easier to go to kid-pharmas where they can buy such specialised stuffs.

Open a pharmacy just for kids to sell what is needed for them like teething toys etc.at one stop.

You could start such a pharmacy with $30,000.

Permits and licenses would be necessary.

Registration is a must as well as insurance.

#9. Baby Room Designer

Interior decoration of a baby room is a special talent and it is very profitable and booming business aimed at babies.

You could be selling wall papers made with pictures of animals etc in soothing colours to intrigue babies while they sleep most of the time.

You could be selling baby monitors and beds etc specially designed with Harry Potter bedsheets or blankets for them so babies would love their rooms.

Your location near maternity hospitals would attract parents’ attention when they visit for prenatal check ups.

Buggies or strollers along with baby walkers and swings could be sold.

Don’t forget cuddling toys like teddybears to be hugged by babies while they sleep.

#10. Organic Oil and Soap Manufacturing for Kids

A start up making special soaps and oils like Johnson and Johnson could be highly successful.

Knowhow is available online about how to make organic oils like coconut oil etc.

I learnt on youtube videos how to make organic soaps without chemicals.

Parents would love to keep their babies free from skin diseases using such safe soaps and oils nourishing their delicate skins.

You will need permits for such a startup as the govt agencies would like to make sure your products are properly tested in their labs to certify their safety for kids.

#11. Baby Clothing and Accessories

Start a shop selling baby clothes for newborns to keep them warm from head to toe. Think of accessories like shoes made for indoors.

You could be selling pretty chains or bracelets for babies made of soft materials.

I used to make fun bracelets with animals figures and stars etc for kids in Italy which sold even as I was making them. This is among most popular kid-focused businesses.

#12. Candy Maker

New products have arrived in markets to make chocolates and candies at home.

Also you could be selling commercial candy making machines which is a booming business.

Start making candy for kids with machines in your candy maker shop because they will never get tired of eating candies.

Use natural sweetner like fruits for better health of children eating them all the time.

Jelly Beans made of tender coconuts have become popular recently.

You will need licenses and permits for making candies and Easter eggs etc.

Some offer apples coated with chocolate in front of you which kids love to eat in the place of just apples.

#13. Custom Dresses for Parties

Do you have a talent for making dresses for parties like halloween etc?

Make Cinderella or Black widow dresses and sell online or open your own store. You can also make wedding party dresses for kids.

Invest in a shop to display your creations if you can afford one.

You can also buy party wear dresses from wholesalers online.

Register a pretty name and get insured.

#14. Swimming Classes

Start giving swimming classes for kids at any public swimming pool or your own if you have one in your home.

Make sure you give them all protection like swimming goggles and floating tubes around their necks while they are learning.

Heated swimming pools are better so they won’t catch cold.

Cover their heads too with plastic caps so they can go home after swimming classes without having to fix their hair.

Advertise on social media and in schools.

You can cover your cost if you offer pickup and drop-off to help working parents.

You will need a license to provide safety for children.

Start with your own certificate in swimming.

#15. Kids Learning App

Children will learn better when they can use an app like Byju’s. They will take learning as a game without stress.

But they will not get handwriting practice which will be limited to classrooms.

Design your own app by following Google’s classroom app.

You can add as many students as you like by giving classes online.

I give online classes sometimes and my earnings are good.

This can replace kid’s unhealthy appetite for games.

#16. Gift Shop

Kids gift shops could include candy baskets and chocolate boxes.

Start a gift shop business focused at babies with under $10000 and custom made gifts can become popular.

Kids can discuss with you what they want to gift their friends for a birthday party or similar.

You will need to pick a catchy name for your gift shop.

Register with your business name and address taking lease agreement in a spectacular location.

Insurance can help your losses against fires and thefts or any damages.

#17. Balloon Artist

Balloon artists earn a handsome money by blowing up colourful balloons and decorating a birthday party hall etc.

Tie up with party halls so they will call you up when there’s a party requiring a balloon artist.

You don’t need a shop unless you want to attract kids by displayed balloon trees etc.

Online advertising is enough to get many orders.

No license or registration will be required unless you are making a lot of money calling for taxes.

#18. Baby Sitting Business

Start your own babysitting centre or go to babysit in your spare time if you’re a student to earn extra money.

You can make $10 per hour just playing with kids and telling them stories.

You must have a license for opening a babysitting centre.

Also a police dept certificate will be required to show that you don’t have criminal records.

Choose an airy premises with a lot of light to house a baby sitting centre.

Get your licenses and permits and register your business.

#19. Baby Care Products

Open a store with baby care provider like talcum powders and nappies etc.

You can include buggies and strollers too if you can finance around $10 to 15000.

You will require to register your shop.

#20. Kids Birthday Party Organiser

Start organizing birthday parties or halloween parties for children.

It’s not easy to work with them but parents will be there too to help you with ideas.

Advertise in parent groups on Facebook etc to get your orders.

Keep some photos of your balloon decoration etc along with cakes.

Tie up with caterers to avoid cooking if you don’t like to cook or clean.

Good luck with your start-ups if you like any of our ideas here, please don’t forget to let us know.

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