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This article is to help women who want to become entrepreneurs in the USA.

Many people dream about it. Only a few achieve their goals. So, what does it take to become the real entrepreneur?

A swimmer does not stand looking at the swimmers and dreaming of swimming. She jumps into the pool risking whatever may come.

Others sit at home dreaming. So if you want to be an entrepreneur, go ahead.

Get a business visa or an investor visa depending on how much money you have.

Go there and start-up something you have always wanted to do. If you fail,there will be other things you can try.

It’s not the end of the world.

Being positive and risk taking is required for serious entrepreneurship. Life is short. There is no time to dream. Make your dreams a reality today.

What holds good, may not hold good tomorrow. Rules keep changing. Presidents change. Their policies are different. Be prepared for the changes. And go with the flow.

These are the twenty different ideas you can try out to make your niche in the States. Things are easier to do there. So don’t hesitate to try them out even if you are afraid.

1. Start Yoga Classes

Yoga and meditation has become the fitness training program all over the world.

All you need is a big hall with a lot of air and light.

Buy some mats and advertise after registration of your business. 

You will need to fill in a form or two to register a business name and pay some fees.

Business address is to be furnished and your personal identification documents like your social security number and passport etc will be needed.

The city will tell you if you are allowed to start your business in the place of your choice. 

Your immigration lawyers can tell you if your immigration status will allow you to start a business of your choice.

Don’t be afraid to ask around.

Many a times consultation is free.

Go for a sole proprietor choice or partnership. A company is not needed for this kind of business.

Once you have registered, you can put up a sign and make some brochures to stick up in nearby shops or distribute around your neighbourhood.

Facebook advertising can also help. They have pay per click ads if you want to try.

Word to mouth also can bring you some personal contacts interested in keeping fit. Start with a voluntary contribution if you are not sure of fees.

Slowly you will come to know how many are really interested and you can propose a contribution of a fixed amount.

First two sessions free can also work. Once they come and see the atmosphere, your students may stay for longer.

Establish personal relationship talking to them during classes. If you are not confident, play a video and practice together.

2. Flower shop business

Starting a flower shop can bring you orders online too.

Online flower delivery is a good idea as many would like flowers sent to their mothers on mother’s day etc.

You will need to buy flowers of your choice early in the mornings from a farmer’s market or get them from a farm directly to make a good profit.

Clean them up and make into bouquets.

Be ready to send them when you receive orders in cartons where the ends are connected to water in plastic tubes to keep them fresh.

Post the photos of the bouquets you make everyday on your website with a pricetag to get orders.

Update fresh photos after every 6 hours or less.

Salt is added to water to provide nutrients to flowers to keep them fresh.

3. Start a Bakery

Learn how to make different types of  bread and cookies in a bakery training program to start your own bakery.

Your bakery can attract more people with new recipes like tomato bread with chillies and coriander. 

Now vegan cakes are trending. So find out how to make vegan bread and cakes to be ahead of the market.

You will need a certificate in hygiene if you are in the food industry which is mainly about washing hands and not scratching your head or nose while you’re baking.

It’s easy to get within three days of training after which you will be required to pass a test.

You will need to invest in renting a place in a busy location and some machinery like dough mixers and an oven basically to start with.

You will need to invest at-least $10000 and pay for the license etc.

  • Good news is that many people will help you as they are designated to help small businesses which make up 99% of the businesses in the USA.

Legal advice is available for free sometimes from lawyers who can tell you what you can or cannot do.

Chartered accountants are the best to help if you want to set up a company.

It is better to start as a sole proprietor which requires no paper work.

Just fill in a form to register a business name for a nominal fee and don’t forget to maintain your accounts in a book to show any tax inspector.

4. Catering business

If you like cooking, you can take up Catering for parties on orders online or arrange for parties in party halls to invite your would be clients to give them a taste of your food etc.

One or two employees can help you expand your business.

A friend in Milano supplied vegetarian food to people working in Milano fair,

She prepared hot food served in plates kept warm inside a van with hot water kept boiling.

5. Food truck

Buy a food truck and sell burritos which are very popular in the USA.

Burritos are flat bread made of corn and you just warm them up on a pan and roll it up with potatoes or beans etc. Make a salsa to be served on the side.

Mexican food is very popular in the USA and they use beans mashed and refried to be rolled up in burritos with cheese and raw onions etc to be served with hot sauce.

The truck costs around $10000 and it is  equipped with a gas stove and a fridge etc with a kitchen counter.

The truck comes with its own license if you buy a used one and it must have a fire extinguisher too.

Learn how to get drinks like coke and orange soda in big plastic cans specially sold for food trucks.

These cans come with taps. So you just fill a paper cup and serve it.

Marketing is easy and does not require any ad if you can get a parking permission in a prominent place.

It’s required to write the name of your business on the truck with a daily menu hung up or daily basis.

Sometimes you could take the truck to the parking lots when you go to buy groceries from super markets or shops to get the food traffic.

6. Bed and Breakfast

You will need to own or rent at-least a 4 bed rooms house to rent furnished rooms with a cot and a bed with blankets and  some rooms come with wardrobes already with walk-in closets.

You will need a chest of drawers and televisions for each room. Buy them when you see them on sale.

Next  give an ad in the local newspaper saying ‘Furnished rooms to rent $200pm’ or £20 per day with weekly rates.

Licensing will be necessary.

You will need employees to clean up and wash the linen and iron them.

7. A Private Taxi Business

Taking people to different cities on carpools like Bla Bla taxi just like in the UK could work in the USA too.

You could organise tours of sightseeing to places like Grand canyon and Las Vegas.

8. Selling Clothes Online

Buying from the wholesalers present all over America or even importing and selling them online or a retail shop can be successful if you know what kind of clothes are selling.

There is a market for cotton ware fashion anywhere in the world.

Incense and handicraft brassware like incense holders etc are also very popular.

9. Tailoring and alterations

No need for license etc unless you want to open a tailor shop. If you know how to stitch or design high fashion clothes, it can open the global market for you.

I know a friend in London who alters hardly used bridal dresses to be resold which is very profitable.

A friend in NY is a fashion designer and is very successful in designing clothes.

10. Make and Sell Jewellery

Design and make bracelets and necklaces buying beads and using strings of nylon and a small cutting plier.

Selling silver jewellery online is a big business as the Indian designs are the most popular.

Check the websites like kojewellery selling silver trinkets to see the trends. 

Bracelets, rings and silver chains are also worn by men.

11. Indian Statues of Sandalwood

I have seen sandalwood statues sell like gold especially of Ganesha and Radhakrishna.

Just keep the receipts to show where you bought them. 

Profit margin is very high if you sell Buddha statues too made from even ordinary wood.

12. Farming Fruits

Growing blueberries is a very profitable business in Canada and the USA as you can see on YouTube.

They are converting many pig farms to blueberry farms as people are turning to be vegetarians.

Any child knows how to plant a seed and get it growing. 

But it’s not a child’s play to market apples or lemons when you grow them in plenty though it’s not impossible to sell online. 

Farmers’ market or flea markets are very popular in the weekend where you can rent a stall and sell anything.

13. Burritos Making Machine

Making pickles and fresh burritos could feed your family while you work.

Advertise on FB in different groups to sell your products.

Get bulk orders from supermarkets by emailing to them.

You can send them samples to get orders.

Small shops are best contacted in person.

14. Open a Tattoo Parlour

Tattoos are very popular in the USA if you like to open a tattoo shop. 

Nose and ear piercing is also done in these shops.

My mother pierced my nose when I was 13, with a sterilised needle and she left the thread tied up until it healed.

Anyone can do it if she could do it.

But regulations are strict in the USA if something goes wrong.

So be careful.

14. Making Salads

Making salads is an art for health conscious people.

Subway restaurants where you make your own sandwich choosing from endless ingredients kept ready to serve yourself is fun too.

A lady has started delivery of salads taking online orders which has gained a lot of popularity.

If pizza can be delivered online, why not salads?

It’s the new trend.

15. Dieting Help for Losing Weight

Herbalife provides health drinks to help slim down. You could improvise your own dieting menu to be served with low calories.

Junk food like chips from McDonald’s are out of fashion now as people are becoming more health conscious.

Soya and tofu cheese are taking the lead in vegan food which keeps control on gaining weight.

Aloe Vera drinks are the best to keep healthy and slim.

16. Street food

New York is minting money with pizza dosa and pani puri etc near Central Park.

Check YouTube to see these videos where people queue up for hours to eat the tasty dosas.

Employ a cook or two of your choice to run your street food unit if you don’t want to do it yourself.

17. Cooking Classes with Bakery Training

Teaching vegan food etc with soya patties for veggie hamburgers is trending.

You could also give bakery training to those who are interested.

Ads about your classes and training can be given on the social media for free.

Distribute samples to passers by if you have left overs to attract them.

18. Tuition Classes

Tuition classes online or one to one basis will improve the grades of students.

Teach art and crafts along with lessons to help students to get better grades. 

Parents are investing a lot in their children now a days because they fulfill their dreams doing what they couldn’t do.

Tutoring is a billion dollar industry. Take a look at what Byju’s are doing.

19. Music Classes

Instrumental music with teaching to sing  songs is diverting and relaxing.

So if you know how to sing and play instruments, you can start those classes.

You can always employ someone to teach if you don’t know how to teach some instruments. So nothing to worry if someone approaches you for classes you can’t teach personally.

When you employ a piano teacher to teach a student, it’s an opportunity for you to learn as well.

20. Teach Dance

Teach dancing to stay fit  by playing dance videos and dancing with children. 

It’s trending to keep fit now for adults too.

There is no need for license etc when you start yoga combination of dance classes.

Just register your business so you don’t get into trouble.

You will also get loans if you show your tax returns.

You could go to stage your programs in events to make your school famous.

21. Organising events

Organise an event for a charity fundraiser in parks to make yourself a cool fee.

Anyone celebrating birthdays of their children could invite you to show your talent in blowing up balloons and hanging them all over the party hall to create the festive spirit.

Get a caterer to arrange for food specially for kids menu which will be appreciated and rewarded.

Organise party games and catering for events like marriages to make big money.

Party halls are available all over the USA to organise any event.

You will be saving the headache to the inexperienced people providing them your expertise.

Passion and dedication in any field can make you a successful entrepreneur.

There is a lot you can learn by looking around online too how to turn anything you love to do into a career.

Consult those who are in the field to see the endless possibilities.

Exactly what I am doing now to become like Saalu marada Thimmakka planting trees.

Only twist I am giving is planting fruit trees to solve the food crisis.

I am counting on crowdfunding to plant a million trees.

It won’t be difficult to get people to sponsor a tree to get fruits every year for themselves.

They can volunteer to care for the trees too as more and more people are concerned with global warming.

23. Solar Floaters

The future is about renewable energy.

So get into solar cities set up on floating homes using solar cookers and solar photovoltaic phone chargers which can be carried anywhere while camping in forests too.

Since we are expecting global warming to raise the sea levels, we better prepare ourselves to save the drowning cities or for the evacuation in the worst cases of flooding.

Solution of the future is floating cities made up of solar houseboats which could be set up one by one as the dwellers come by to live in these floating homes.

There are many floating restaurants and complexes already built and functioning very well and self sufficient.

They even have plants growing there and sea water is processed for usable water for drinking etc.

22. Camping village

You will need a piece of farmland with trees and grass.

Put up a fence and rent out tents to campers. 

A hook up here and there for water and toilets with electricity plug up will keep the campers happy.

Some music and dance around a bonfire will be a good idea.

Still fresh in my memory is my happy camping days in the olive gardens of Sorrento in Italy. 

Many tourists come to this little village in the south of Italy from all over the world. You will see live orchestra in many restaurants.

The olive gardens of Sorrento could be your model to set up your Eco Village.

You could rent out a caravan or a tent to tourists to sleep there under the stars.

It’s most economical and refreshing to sleep in the open.

But you will need to put up CCTV cameras to stop any mishaps.

Licensing may not be easy but it won’t be impossible as many people are doing it. Have courage to go through the process.

Results will be rewarding.

Hire security guards and be safe.

24. Become a Guide

Many tourists come to the States not knowing where to start.

Be their guide making programs to tailor suit their budget and taste if you already know all about America.

I have traveled from coast to coast in the States with my son but I wish there was someone who could tell me what to see.

We accidentally discovered Mesa when we visited Grand Canyon and it was a beautiful place where red Indians lived and built their abodes where none could reach under the cliffs in ancient times.

We were lucky but many might have missed it even though being so close.

You could advertise your services on Google guides and other social media for free.

25. Real Estate Agent

It’s pretty easy to note down who is renting in your neighbourhood so you could help someone who is searching for a room or a flat.

So why not become a real estate agent with an office or even working from your home?

Your phone could be your office if you advertise online giving your number.

Good luck with your entrepreneurship.

Please comment if you find this article useful.

Has any idea inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Please let’s know.

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