As we all know that ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen surge in home-based business related queries worldwide. Everyone wants to run their business from the comfort of their home with the help of internet. Also, young entrepreneurs are focusing more on home-based businesses for their new venture.

Starting a business from home is not difficult and you can easily start one whether it is drop-shipping, online teaching, Amazon FBA or a bakery.

If you are a tech-savvy then stepping into online business would be more profitable for you in near future. You can run your own e-commerce store within few days. Marketing plays vital role in any business and you can reach your target audience easily with the help of Facebook and Instagram highly targeted demographic ads.

Offline businesses are also profitable if you have a solid business plan. Here in this article I have crafted some of the successful home based businesses that are easy to start in 2021.

Let’s get started – 35 most successful home based businesses are as follows:-

#1. Home-Based Bakery Business

Bake cookies and bread of your choice and supply to nearby shops or sell it privately online. You could find plenty of recipes online with YouTube or stick to traditional banana bread etc.

You may not need a license etc.

I used to cook at home in Los Angeles and Denver and my food would be sold out within no time.

My landlord was a lawyer who bought my masala dosa regularly but never mentioned a need for getting a permit.

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#2. Used Car and Bike Flipping Business

Buy a car or bike when you find a bargain and sell it for a profit by painting it to make it look new. This is one of the most profitable home-based business with very low investment.

Any repair can be done to make the car engine sound good. An oil change could do that. Get it cleaned inside with a professional and change the seat covers.

A bike could be rehauled too. Minor repairs including change of seat cover or tyres could make it look attractive.

#3. House Flipping

You must try house flipping business because it requires zero investment and return is huge. You don’t need an office to flip a fix up home and make money after renovation.

I fixed up two homes in Denver and made money without even buying them.

I had an agreement with the real estate agents who were selling them along with the owner who had the homes boarded up for years not having the energy or ideas to fix them up.

I paid $5000 to get the keys of a fix up home initially, that cost $15000 on the condition that I would fix it up and find a buyer. Whatever I made on top of $15000 would be mine.

I was able to fix it up with just $2000 and paint it etc and sell it for $30000 within 6 months.

All you need is courage and entrepreneurship mindset.

#4. Bed and Breakfast

Never leave your home to start a bed and breakfast business if you own or rent a home with 4 to 5 bedrooms. You can Display a sign saying “Bed and Breakfast” in front of your home after you get the necessary licenses and permits.

Call up your City officials to find out the requirements.

Each room must have a double bed and a chair with a table if you are renting to a couple or two to three single beds if you intend to rent it out on sharing basis.

A tv and a wardrobe with a chest of drawers is a must. An attached bath would be ideal whereas a shared bathroom is also viable.

A cleaning service will be needed to keep the rooms dusted and the bed sheets washed and ironed.

Pay your taxes and insurance.

#5. Start Music Classes

Can you sing or play an instrument? You can teach how to sing or play a piano or guitar etc from your home.

You won’t need a license or a permit. Just register a pretty name for your music classes and get started.

Advertise online and in local schools and universities. Make some flyers and distribute them in the neighbourhood.

#6. Affiliate Marketing

Link up with Amazon or eBay and start selling online.

You will get commission on your sales. Also try dropshipping business which is similar.

You get orders and the company ships merchandise directly to the customers but you will get paid after they have paid up.

Meesho is an app connecting manufacturers and e-commerce websites like eBay to sellers or agents.

#7. Become a Freelancer

Become a freelance journalist or content writer if you are good at writing. 

Copywriting or editing jobs are also available online.

You can work from any corner of the world writing for someone who will publish your articles in the States and pay you.

You can write articles for any Magazine or newspaper like the Guardian in the UK to get paid if they like your article. 

Photojournalism is also very profitable career.

Photos you take can be bought for a high price if they are worth it.

#8. Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual asst for a website of your choice sitting at home.

You will be chatting with customers who visit the website and answering their queries if you are capable of doing that.

Hours can be different in different parts of the world and so, be ready to work midnight hours if you have agreed to work round the clock.

#9. Start Blogging From Home

Become a blogger if you can write interesting content about any subject.

Your blogs can become viral and bring you a lot of advertisements to your website.

Look at other bloggers to see how they are earning money. This is one of the most popular home based business available today.

#10. Gift Basket Business

Make gift baskets for Christmas with your own ideas. You can become popular with your gift baskets for mother’s day or birthdays.

Design a different gift basket for different age groups. Add a handmade greetings card with special ideas and wordings.

#11. Small Online E-commerce Store

Start up your own E-commerce store with Shopify and sell your stuff. Pay a small percentage when your items are sold.

You could sell anything you want starting from clothes and accessories. It’s fun to sell online.

Shipping has to be done by you directly to receive cash on delivery.

#12. Event Management and Catering Business

Manage an event like a marriage or a birthday celebration with agreement.

You will have to mention your terms and conditions along with what you can offer for the budget proposed by the couple for example.

If they like your ideas,you will manage the event with or without catering services which comes at an extra charge per person.

You can manage catering services if you can pull off high quality cooking as required with the help of a chef if you need one.

Link up with party halls and decorators to show some photos and get the contract.

You will receive an order with some advance if your proposal is good and trustworthy, backed up with previous experience and references.

#13. Yoga Instructor at Home

Go to learn yoga and get a certificate if possible to become a Yoga instructor.

Start your own Yoga classes at home with or without meditation sessions.

People need peace of mind in the world of stressful rat race for money.

Give them relaxation techniques and rejuvenate their spirits so they will come back for a deep soulful experience.

#14. Influencer Marketing

How do you influence marketing of a company sitting at home?

Learn digital marketing through SEO techniques and you can make any website appear on top of the search by using the right keywords and backlinks strategies.

The right kind of content writing is required to enforce social media marketing or SMM.

Catchy slogans on Facebook advertising can make a product popular in no time.

#15. Must Try Graphic Designing Business

Have you studied Graphic designing?

You could help a magazine to design a layout for final printing if you know how to prepare the pages by sticking the print out of articles with a good mix of advertisements at the bottom of the page to make it look good.

You must know how to outline the pages and get the whole Magazine ready by working at home with the editor or anyone who will give you the matter.

#16. Become a Content Writer

Can you write about any subject after doing enough research online etc to present an interesting article?

Make sure you add some personal experience woven into the article only if it’s relevent.

I have been a successful content writer myself as you can see for yourself here.

Most important thing is to stay out of plagiarism or copying someone else’s article because it will not be published online.

You can become a content writer if you have the skills to write flawless English and original stuff not copied from anywhere else.

#17. Go for Makeup Consulting

You can become a makeup artist if you have the skills to make people look beautiful,working from home.

People may come to you to get makeup 

before they go to a party or they can hire you to go to their homes or weddings to make them look stunning.

Either way you will earn good money.

You could be selling make up kits if people like the products you use like Shahnaz natural make up kits not using any chemicals.

#18. Start Pet Sitting Business

Do you love pets?

You could accept pets to be taken care of at your home while the owners go out of town on a vacation or work assignment etc.

You could also go to their homes to take care of the pets in the absence of the owners if you are available.

You will have to feed those pets,clean after them and take the dogs for walking outside.

#19. Start Home-Based Pre-Nursery School

Babysitting at home is ideal if you also have kids. But taking care of children when their parents go to work may also mean you will be schooling them if they are old enough to learn alphabets.

You could start a Pre-Nursery School at home if you’re babysitting for pre school kids.

You will get higher fees and parents will appreciate your efforts to teach their kids something to prepare them for schools.

Provide educational toys and books to tell them stories.

Picture cards with alphabets printed on them make interesting playtime for Preschool children.

#20. Become a Party Organiser

Organize a surprise party for a busy couple to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday party for busy parents who want to surprise their kids.

Starting with decorating a party hall of their selection with balloons and flowers etc., you could organize every detail including catering.

Take away their burden and profit by organising any party with your expertise and contacts if you are good at catering etc.

You could enjoy many parties regularly if you are organizing such parties.

#21. Handmade Crafts Business

Learn a lot of handmade crafts from youtube videos to teach them to those who want to learn.

I enjoyed videos showing how to make non stop fountains using plastic bottles and straws.

Also there are videos showing how to make Christmas lights using the same bottles.

These crafts teaching how to recycle plastic bottles can help to eliminate such bottles being thrown away into dangerous land fills.

#22. Youtube Videos

You can make you tube videos from home filming your cooking or gardening.

Many videos about new ways of gardening have become popular like hydroponics.

Growing plants producing tomatoes or potatoes in a pot without even using mud is the new method taught in youtube videos which is revolutionary to grow vegetables and food in high-rise apartments.

Vertical gardens are grown to provide oxygen in high-rise buildings in Italy to fight pollution and provide fresh air.

Watch videos which are popular to see what kind of videos you can make to get money from your videos through many views. 

You could earn money when your video is seen by many viewers.

Who knows your video can become viral overnight?

Make a video about funny pets you have and children acting funny.

You could make videos if you are teaching English or any other language at home so people can benefit.

#23. Become a Home-Based Business Consultant

What business are you good at?

Become a consultant without leaving your home if you know about finances and investments.

Many people let their money sit in fixed deposits as they are scared to invest in mutual funds etc to get higher returns from 12% to 15%.

People would pay you well if you help them fill up online forms in the right way to make sure they get their tax returns filed.

Saving taxes for tax payers by your tips can earn you a handsome fee.

You can also help out new entrepreneurs to start up a business as the youngsters will not be sure of success. Your expertise and experience can help them to get started.

#24. Immigration Consultant

Have you travelled a lot and visited many countries? Then you must have become an expert in immigration.

Let people benefit from your experience to visit their dream country. Start a consultancy from your home to help people file their visa applications online.

You would know the right way to fill up those forms so the application won’t be rejected.

I used to get paid upto $50 for assisting such visa applications in Italy.

#25. Accounting and Bookkeeping

If you are good at bookkeeping and accounting, you can offer help by advertising online on social media.

Small businesses could hire you to take care of their accounting even if you can’t leave your home because of a disability etc.

Help them online or bring their book keeping to your home to enter all the sales records as against their cost invoices including recording their expenses to find out if the business is making any profit or loss.

Prepare their balance sheets. You can also help to file IT returns for people who cannot do it themselves.

#26. Laundry Services

Let students and busy people drop off their laundry to be washed in your washing machine if you have time to help out with ironing etc.

You could be making enough money to pay your rent and bills by advertising on shop windows around you.

You could offer a pick up and drop off service if you can pick up laundry from old people who cannot come to your home to drop off.

They would also appreciate your drop off service back to their homes when the laundry is done.

Hire someone to help you if you get too much work to handle it yourself.

#27. Hairdressing or Makeup Artist Services

Offer your services to homebound disabled or paralysed ladies and men who can’t go to haircutting salons or beauty parlours.

People could visit your home if they prefer not to wait in a busy salon.

Personalised service could make your service popular if you have the talent in making people look their best.

#28. Tailoring and alteration service

Can you believe if I told you I made $10 in less than half hour by cutting up pants that were too long and hemming by hand to fit the right size?

It was in LA when I was new to the States and I didn’t know I could earn thousands by flipping houses.

I saw a lady cutting up expensive wedding dresses to fit properly and earning a fortune.

Tailoring can be done from home and it’s a skill that can pay very well.

#29. Make Luxury Candle at Home

In Mexico many ladies make candles at home by turning white colourless candles into colourful artful candles  making beautiful gifts.

Melt the candles in a tincan on low heat and pour the liquid wax into moulds you have prepared.

Inexpensive moulds made out of an orange peel cut into halves could be romantic and perfumatic.

Think of the creative moulds you can make at home such as those mentioned above with whatever is available to you.

#30. Mobile Application Developer

You could be making mobile app at home, if you are a developer.

Think of a new app like Maitra connecting orphanages to old age homes. Both benefit by visiting each other to help in their loneliness.

Restaurants throwing away food can be connected to orphanages and shelters to avoid a criminal wasting of food that is left over.

You could make money by creating an app connecting manufacturers to buyers. 

Lot of traffic was created when an app was created to connect small scale manufacturers to an online directory in Japan which attracted many advertisers.

Such advertising is a source of money for your website.

#31. Home Based Manufacturing Business

Start up making paper plates at home by installing a machine which occupies only 6′ by 6′ and is operable by one person.

You can make as many paper plates and cups you can in a day to be marketed online.

You can also think of recycling plastic bottles etc by melting them to make new products.

Adidas is making shoes from recycoed plastic. Plastic bottles can be used to make thin yarns to produce clothing that is durable.

You can get loans to start such units.

#32. Skill Development Classes

What skills do you have that you can teach?

Conduct a workshop in creative writing if you know how to write.

Dance is a skill that can be taught at home.

Handwriting can be taught at home to improve a personal skill.

#33. Import and Export Business

Start import export business from home if you know what your country needs or what you can export that’s profitable.

In the States,import duty is only 1% so import is easy.

You can import anything you can sell online like silver jewellery.

Export what is popular in other countries like high fashion clothing if you can find buyers from other countries.

#34. Life Coaching or Mentoring

Many people can benefit from Life Coaches who can teach how to live a better life by unlearning bad habits we have learnt to ruin our own lives.

People become depressed brooding over their past and they don’t know how to forget bad memories to move on in their lives.

Some even get into addictions using drugs or alcohol an attempt to forget their worries.

You could start mentoring such people and lead them into a new life by starting de addiction centres through yoga and meditation.

Even prisoners have benefited a lot by such classes which makes them new people by rejuvenating their mental faculties to think of who they are and how valuable is their life.

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