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BizTerrain is an online business magazine dedicated to help entrepreneurs around the globe. We post articles of research here telling you all you need to know about starting a business in the field of your choice. Our editors and contributors are experienced entrepreneurs who have done business globally and succeeded.

We are all aspiring and successful entrepreneurs ourselves making up a dynamic team brainstorming our ideas together to give you wonderful ideas for the start up of your dreams.

Our mission is simply to empower you to scale the steps if success like we have done, guiding you at every step, giving you all the details you need extensively. If you feel that you could also start up a project from one of our ideas, our mission has succeeded.

Be fearless and be informed. Information is your forte to enable you in your endeavours. Our stories will be the examples to show you what anyone can do as we have done.

We have seen the world and how it operates like a mirror. You will see yourself as a visionary when you see the future through our eyes. There will be no unemployment when you take courage and jump into the ocean of business with a knowledge we endow you.

There are so many things you can do without even a capital like a yoga class for example. Start from your home. Teach music or dancing. If you have money, you could buy an Air ambulance costing 6 million dollars.

Sky’s the limit when you can think out of the box. Farsighted visions help us see the future of any business. Intuition is a gift that many people don’t have. Unfortunately they suffer from pessimistic drawbacks. But it shouldn’t stop you from benefiting from what others can see for you.

Edgar Caysee could see the future of humanity. We may not be endowed with his gifts. But certainly you will see some predictions here of our vision which sound true. Inferiority complex can hold you back too. Don’t let it nail you to the ground.

Learn to fly like eagles for seeing through their eyes.

Honesty, hard work and intelligence are the elements that constitute entrepreneurship. Dedicate yourself with a passion to succeed in anything you do starting from cooking home meals to be delivered to planting a million trees and success can be yours.

We will show you how not to be afraid of failures in life. Confidence in yourself comes with faith in your abilities like we are doing. It’s the basic thing that enables a bird to fly out of its nest when it has grown up.

Fear would keep it right where it is for the rest of its life. But we have seen no bird stay in it’s nest, have we? Then why should we human beings be afraid to reach for the moon and the stars being endowed with the highest intelligence of all living beings?

Sometimes a lion does not know it’s a lion until it has seen it’s own reflection in the well. Some of us are like that until we see other humans just like us doing what we haven’t even dreamed of.

Your goals are our goals if you are reading this to start a business. Make up your mind and take up a project of your dreams choosing one from here or similar.

Nothing is impossible for those who see obstacles as stepping stones.

We are here to achieve success. But first we must believe we are the achievers. Dreams are for making them a reality. Get together whatever you can in terms of capital and equipment.

Get help from banks and the Govt and don’t stop till you reach your goal. Your goal is to reach the top of your abilities getting better everyday. No competition will deter you if you have the courage. Your dreams are waiting for you.

Make a plan once you know what you want to do or try several things like Elon Musk did. Starting from selling caps to arranging trips to the space! Have a strategy and let us help you to reach the top.

We can help you make a business plan from scratch without a flaw to get your finances approved. Just try us to see for yourself. If you want a website content or marketing help, get it here. 

A strategic approach to an investor will win his confidence to trust you make his funds to grow. If you need crowdfunding, we can help you how to plan it and get funded.

Our strategy never fails you.

We always back you up when you need us. Feel free to reach us for any kind of help you need.

Step 1 to step 10, count on us for quick advice and any other help to get you started online or in your business in any country. With right tools, you can do wonders online today. Global village is in your hands while you look at it like a crystal vision.

You can see what we can do as we tell you our stories though we don’t boast to be the best storytellers. You can be the judge of our performance. Our endeavour is to improve ourselves everyday not sitting anywhere as we are done.

Satisfaction is death. So we are never happy to stop ourselves progressing as the world comes up with innovative technology every minute we too try to keep up ourselves to update our knowledge and technology.

Whiteboards in classrooms? You will hear from us very soon updating you as the world moves ahead. Tell us what is new and what do you want to read about.

Even if we hear from one person telling us about how he/she has profitted from our ideas,we will think we have succeeded in our mission. The other 99 people may not tell us what they think but the visits to websites will tell us what is happening.

One review I wrote got 6.5 lakh readers and still going up. I was told by a website and I myself had no idea how much power my words held until then. We believe in our readership and if you believe in us,we have a great teamwork.

We can move ahead together and soon there will be no one poor or unemployed left. Because we have ideas for everyone including a taxi driver to a wall street consultant. There is no way you cannot succeed in any one of these ideas.

Just see the multitude.

Having said it all, it is time to do our practicals. We are not afraid of falling down but only not getting up. One who walks will always fall down. But those who get up and walk tall will always succeed.

Be sure of that success which is the sweet fruit of tireless efforts. One who doesn’t fall down is one who never walks. So be the one who walks rather than the one who is sitting at home because he is afraid to walk and fall down.

When I was slipping and slipping in the frozen snow in Norway,many Norwegians came forward to extend their hands to support me and help in Oslo. I preferred to hold on to the bridge and walk alone till I learnt how to walk like them without slipping.

Success comes to those who try again and again.

Our success must be telling you a secret. If you see any success story, it won’t be a miracle but hardwork. We have done our homework. Now it’s your turn to benefit from our experience to reach where you want to go. Promise yourself not to stop feeling belittled by those who laughed at you.

Be the one to show them who you are. The human intelligence is the most excellent thing God has created. 

Don’t waste it.