If you are looking for some business ideas to invest in but have no plans of investing anything more than 10k dollars then businesses that you can look deep into are as follows:

Here’s a List of Business Ideas that You can Start Under 10k Dollars

#1. Photographer or Videographer Business

Initial investment: $5000

You don’t require a huge investment to start a photography or videographer business. All you need is a good camera, lenses, tripod, and skill. You could also do with a good computer with an internet connection and editing apps. The idea of exclusive imaging is a plus. You can also earn by renting your equipment to the professionals for shooting.

Earnings are dependent on how you decide to charge for your services. The demand for your services and the quality of service you provide will determine your income. You can expect to earn something between $3,000 and $4,000 per month if you have proper marketing strategy.

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#2. Personal Trainer  

Initial investment: Under $5,000

A personal trainer is another business idea with low investment. You can help people achieve their fitness goals. You don’t need to obtain certification to start the business. And if you have a certification, you will be more recognised and earn more clients in a gym.

A fitness training certificate is not that costly, it can be obtained with a few thousand dollars. You need to spend on the website for the promotion of your business. It is efficient to choose free social media advertisements which does not cost you much and will provide exposure to your business. 

It is a good idea to make the best use of social media marketing for this kind of business. You can expect to earn at least $6,000 per month.

#3. Become Real Estate Agent and Flip Houses

Initial investment: 10k Dollars

To start a real estate agent business, you would not require a huge investment. Your start-up cost would include the money to get a license for your business, course work, and other agency costs. You need to spend on marketing. You could also make use of other written media for promoting your real estate business.

If you are willing to work as a real estate agent for an established company, you might need to spend on the franchise fee. As per the requirement of your state, you must have a license and other legal essentials to start the business. The real estate agent business is expected to earn $2,000 to $10,000 per month.

#4. Clothes Alteration Services

Initial Investment: $3,000

If you have a knack in sewing and can do it considerably well, it would be a great idea to start a clothes alteration business. For this business you just need a small space, a sewing machine, sewing kit and the talent of sewing. 

You could draw customers from clothing shops, bridal boutiques, garment stores, drapery studios as well as individuals. Furthermore if you can deliver good work within short deadlines then you are sure to get a lot of customers. 

For this type of business the best kind of marketing strategy is by word-of-mouth. If you provide satisfactory service to more and more people, they would recommend you to the other people they know and eventually your business can grow and flourish in no time.

#5. Event and Party Planner Business

Initial investment: Under $10,000

If you are starting an event planning business, you can start by organizing special events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and award ceremonies for their clients. Your responsibilities as an event and party planner include sending invitations, selecting the location, decorations, appointing the caterers and staff for arranging things, cleaning up, and other works. 

To work in this field or work as an event and party planner, you need to be very creative and organized. Time management is the key to any kind of event management. You should also have good communication skills to host an event or the party. 

Building networks with other businesses like caterers, party entertainers, and event venue managers is a good idea. You should also have a good online presence to attract more clients. Having a reliable team will help you to have a successful and profitable party planning business.

#6. Start Marketing Consulting Business

Initial investment: Under $10,000

It is a well-known fact that no business can survive without marketing. It is not surprising that marketing consultants are high in demand. If you are well experienced in marketing, you have a better opportunity to start your marketing consultant business.

Marketing consultants provide various services like marketing plans, establishing marketing budgets, hiring salespersons, and training them. They also help you to expand your business to a new market and build new distribution channels.

A marketing consultant will precisely help their clients to build their business, increase profits and revenues. They will also help you to build good networks by setting appointments with other business owners and assist the managers to explain and convince how your service will benefit and be profitable for their business.

#7. Handmade Craft Business

Initial investment:  About $8,000

There are numerous reasons why handmade crafts business is growing successfully every day. The estimated total size of the creative industry in the US is about $43.9 Billion. Many of us like to make handmade crafts and quite a number of us enjoy buying the handmade crafts and decorating our homes with them.

Despite the fact competition is more in this field, there is immense opportunity to become profitable. Especially if you have an investment of around $10,000 Handmade crafts business is a good idea.

You need to decide what you want to create and sell. You have various options like accessories, woodcraft, knitted products, paintings, candles, soap, and more. You can also buy them and sell them rather than create and sell them. If you want to create them and sell them, you can take classes and learn from them.

When it comes to selling your products, you can sell them online. There are various options like Amazon Handmade, Shopify. You need to keep in mind the local prices while selling your products online. You can also set up a local shop to carry out your business. Creating and selling patterns or designs on a digital platform, or offer classes online or in person.

#8. Start Import/Export Business

Initial investment: Under $10,000

There are many red-tape barriers importing products into and exporting products out of the United States. Many businesses do not know how to do import and export. However, smart business owners do not want to miss any opportunity to grow their businesses. They hire an import/export specialist to guide them. Complex issues can occur in import/export such as legal, transportation, warehousing, marketing, political, financial, and others.

To start an import/export consulting business will require experience in the industry. You can host free seminars on import/export to market your service where you can meet important people and get an idea about the import and export businesses.

#9. Music Lessons

Initial investment: Under $2,000 

If you know how to sing or play musical instruments like guitar, piano, drums, or string instruments, you can utilize your talent and earn money from it. You can earn part-time or full-time income by teaching music or the musical instrument of your clients. You can start the business in your place or at your client’s place. You can also rent a place and make it a music school. 

If you have a plan of expanding your business, you can hire more experienced musicians who can teach your clients or students. Your lesson rates will depend on the skill level and instrument.

On average, these lessons cost students around $10 to $20 per hour. And if you are teaching one-to-one it can cost students around $40 per hour plus you can charge the cost of instrument rental or purchase. 

#10. Makeup Artist 

Initial investment: Under $10,000 

This is a profitable business. Your job is to make people look good for films or TV shoots, weddings, photo-shoots, parties and more. You can do this on a part-time or full-time basis. You can travel to your client’s location to provide service or you can rent out a place and set up a makeup studio there.

You must have a good network with wedding planners, event planners, and people in the fashion industry and the like. 

 You can freelance for cosmetic companies and work from cosmetic counters. You may also work in beauty training schools if you are exceptionally good.


All these businesses and many more can be started just under 10k dollars and you can invest in it anytime from anywhere. Most of these businesses have low risk as the investment is also low for these kinds of businesses.

For some of these easy to start businesses you don’t even need to rent out a place, you can simply start from a room in your house. Find out what you are good at and you can use that skill to make it your profession to earn money. Not all businesses require a lot of money to start with.

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