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Pet shop business is an excellent idea for pet lovers with 60 to 70% profit margin!! There is a big need for pet shops now-a-days because every single household has a pet.

Find the best location in downtown to be able to sell your pets and pet foods not too close to supermarkets as they may be selling pet foods too.

You could create a one stop shopping place for pet lovers where they can buy a pet of their choice and the food etc including holistic food.

You could invest as much as $100,000 and open a huge pet shop with ten employees if you can manage it or go with just $10000 to start a little shop to manage it yourself with one or two employees in the beginning to personalise your services.

Here is a business plan if you want to start a pet shop and do what you love if you are a pet lover. But diligence must be shown to procure a loan unless you have your own savings.

This plan can help you get the finances if you don’t have money to start the business of your dreams.

Allocate how much will you spend for buying pet animals and their maintenance. How much for dog grooming equipment for washing them, shampoo and use powders to keep the fleas away.

  • Find out how much will you need to spend for rents and permits.
  • Get insured for fire and thefts and any other business hazards.
  • Make a plan in detail to see how you will make a profit in the end after realistic calculations.

You will need to register a catchy business name and get your tax identification number to get started.

Pet Shop Business Plan

The purpose of this plan is to get a loan of $100,000 for the start up a pet store by showcasing the expected financial profits and operational expenses over the next three years. 

Your Pet Store, is based in the best location of your city and state that will provide sales of pet supplies, sale of animals, and dog grooming services to customers.

The company will be founded by you as a sole proprietor or a crowdfunding sourced company as you wish to plan it.

Products and Services

You will have three primary income sources.

The main source of revenue will come from the sale of pet food, pet toys, and supplies related to the care and enjoyment of pets.

The second income  source will come from grooming services, which will be provided on site to include veterinary care.

The last income source will be from the direct sale of pet animals to the customers. 

You will have to learn and comply with all state and municipal laws regarding the sale of live animals ensuring safe and humane handling of the pets while they are in the care of your Pet Store. 

The Financing

You are seeking $100,000 as a bank loan. 

Let us assume that you will receive a 10 year loan with a 9% fixed interest rate which could differ from bank to bank.


The Pet Store‚Äôs mission is to become the  leader for providing the demands for pet supplies, dog grooming services, and sales of animals in your City by distinguished personal services.

Management Team

You  have some experience in the retail pet store management industry. You could hire a professional help if you lack experience.

Through this expertise, you will be able to bring the operations of the business to profitability within a short time.

Sales Forecasts

You expect a strong rate of growth after the start of operations over the next three years.

Expansion Plan

You expect that the business will expand during the first three years of operation. 

You have plans for marketing campaigns that will effectively target individuals within the City.

Steps Involved in Starting a Pet Store

1. Registered Name and Corporate Structure

Pet Store is a company registered as a sole proprietor or a crowdfunding company in the State of your choice.

2. Get Required Funds

At this time, the Pet Store requires $100,000 of funds. 

You must show a breakdown of how these funds will be used:

3. Prepare Investor Equity

Your own contribution cannot be nil. Mention your contribution here.

4. Prepare Management Equity

You own Your Pet Store or create shareholders if you plan crowdfunding.

Show how each person can sponsor an abandoned animal to be rescued if you have such plans.

5. Exit Strategy

If the business is very successful, you may seek to sell the business to a third party for a significant profit in case you are unable to continue.

You will hire a business broker to sell the business on behalf of Your Pet Store or advertise online etc.

Your business could fetch a sale price of up to double the amount you invested.

6. List your Products and Services

You give a description of the products and services offered by your Pet Store here.

  • Sales of Pet Supplies

The primary revenue generator for Your Pet Store will be the sale of pet food, toys, fish tanks, and other supplies including holistic food.

At the beginning of operations, your business will have an inventory of around $15,000 or $1500 of pet supplies and related items depending on how much you will invest.

You are sourcing a number of vendors who will supply the demand of pet supplies for your Pet Store.

You are expecting to make a profit upto 60%.

  • Dog Grooming Services

Dog grooming services will bring you 25% of the income generated by the business from the beginning.

You will charge $30 to $50 per grooming session including shampoo etc. Depending on the variety of services.

7. Strategic and Market Analysis

  • Economic Outlook

You will discuss the economic climate, the future of a pet supply industry, the customer profile, and the competition that the business will face etc showing how you will survive.

The economic market in the United States is in recession. 

Many economists expect that this recession will continue.

However, Pet Store tends to operate with significant economic stability as people will continue to purchase food and related supplies for their beloved pet animals despite the recession.

8. Industry Analysis

The pet and pet care supplies industry, generates more than $8 billion every year and employs more than 73,000 people. 

These businesses account for more than $1 billion uplift to the US economy. The growth of the industry is constant in spite of the general economy. 

The pet store and related service market is stable so you expect the growth of the industry will boost the US economy.

There is a shift in the culture in the US to have a career before starting a family. Demand for pets have increased as people are waiting until they are middle aged to have children.

Animals have replaced parental desires.  The industry growth may actually boost the general economy if this trend continues.

9. Prepare Customer Profile

Here you should describe the type of customer you are seeking. 

Include their income size; statistics of how many single people in your City and their level of education.

10. Competitive Analysis

Writing a strong analysis means do your research on the local competition. Find out how many competitors and how close they are to you by searching online directories like Yellow Pages. 

If there are too many competitors in the same industry, then show the number of businesses that  are close to you, and how your business can provide service/products that are of better quality and less expensive such as no waiting time etc.

11. Marketing Plan

You intend to maintain an effective marketing campaign to ensure maximum visibility for your business in its market as below:

  • Establish visiting veterinarians around  you to display your brochures.
  • A local campaign to target the market by using flyers, local newspaper ads and word of mouth.
  • Through an online presence by a website and social media with your name and contact information in online directories like yellow pages etc.
  • Write your own blogs to popularise your shop.

12. Marketing Strategies

You will be using strategies that will allow your Pet Store to easily target men and women within the market online.

This is very important as many people seeking local services, such as pet stores, use the Internet for their searches. 

Your own website will guide with the pet shop location, its services, its inventory, and relevant contact information. 

You will also advertise in local newspapers.

13. Set up Competitive Pricing

You should list information about your pricing here.

However, if you have hundreds of items, list categorically. This section of the business plan should not be more than a page.

14. Organisational Plan

Specify whether you will be a sole proprietor or a crowdfunding company etc. You could also be in partnership.

15. Personnel Summary

Here you list how many employees and their salaries if any. Specify their responsibility in sales or dog training etc.

Grooming workers must have some experience.

16. Organisational Budget

List how much you will allocate for rent with bills and equipment etc including salaries for yourself if there are no employees.

17. Management Biodata

Write a page or two to four paragraphs giving biodata of your work experience,  education and skill set. 

For each partner or employee, provide a biodata here.

18. Financial Plan

Underlying Assumptions:-

Assume that your Pet Store will have an annual growth of 16% or more. You will acquire $100,000 or $10000 of funds to develop the business. You will pay it off within a short or long period.

19. Sensitivity Analysis

Your business may suffer a loss in spite of your efforts due to your ill health or some other reason.

However, pet animals and supplies will survive regardless of no sales due to poor economy etc as people will continue to feed their pet animals in the worst economic conditions. 

Your business will remain profitable from its food and supplies revenue centre despite declines in grooming services and sales of pets if any.

20. Source of Funds

List your source of funds whether it’s your own or borrowed from banks.

You could go for crowdfunding if you have plans for a revolutionary plan like rescue of abandoned animals and taking care of them until they are adopted.

You could invite people to sponsor each animal like a calf or even a pig rescued from appalling slaughter houses.

Many calves are beaten to death as they are unwanted products in the dairy industry used for making the cow to produce milk.

Soon after they are born, they are killed without mercy in front of their mothers.

Be the angel to save them and kindle compassion in humanity.

21. General Assumptions

Your assumptions of making profits should be enlisted here to show that you are not being unrealistic.

22. Profit and Loss Statements 

Give a Profit and Loss Statement here to show how you are going to make profits.

If you are investing $100,000, show how will you generate the profit to make the monthly profits of $10000 to pay your rent and payments to the bank.

How many pets do you have to sell in order to make such profits?

23. Cash Flow Analysis

Here you must show your realistic cash flow from the sale of pet foods and income from dog grooming etc as you assume.

How much money do you expect to receive by selling pet animals?

24. Balance Sheet

Your balance sheet will show your investment and profits with expenses minus salaries to your employees & yourself for maintenance.

The balance should be zero in the end while you show how much will remain in your bank account.

25. General Assumptions

List your calculations of profit making strategy here as you assume.

26. Business Ratios

Your investment being $100,000 or $10000, show a proper distribution of how much stock are you going to buy to keep a sufficient supply of pet foods etc. 

27. Expanded Profit and Loss Statements

Your final profit and loss statement expected at the end of three years:

  • How much do you expect to make from dog grooming etc?
  • What would be the estimate of your final profits?
  • The investors would like to see you have a good idea of planning your finances. 

Your love for animals will not be sufficient to lend you the money you need as the bank will end up with bad debts if you don’t show your abilities to calculate your finances.

Be your own boss above all loving what you do having fun with pet animals.

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