Security is an essential aspect of a safe and prosperous life. Consciously or subconsciously we all do care about our security. Whether it is personal security to life or to our family members or to our properties, we do want to ensure that everything remains safe and secure.

This article is all about starting a security service business where you would be providing your security service to an individual, group of individuals, business places, organizations, housing society, industrial hub and many more.

It can be concluded that with the rise or private market and income growth, people have found it expedient to deploy private security to secure what they want to. Thus, it can also be said that there is a lot of scope and possibility of success in this field.

In these present times, it is literally not possible for us to protect and secure everything out of our own and therefore it is important that we leave this job to those who are professionals in this field of security. 

Also, the changing world and circumstances have made it obvious to have a professional team of security experts to secure our places and properties. Security is not just about yourself but it includes a wider dimension in today’s time. 

There are homes, housing societies, business complexes, malls, stores, schools, colleges, universities, offices and much more properties and places that require 24*7 security cover for various reasons. 

Security service is not all about preventing a crime but it is also about giving a sense of security to people residing at that place. Industries, factories, manufacturing hubs, restaurants, hotels, and almost every commercial hub requires premium security.

Importance of Security Service and its Relevance

It is not always possible to deploy state security like local police or to get them within quick time in urgent situations. For this, we need a local private group of security staff who are capable and equipped to handle urgent situations in case they arise. 

Even on a general basis, security staff have multiple roles to offer which cannot be just reduced to preventing a crime or securing a property. As one would have already seen around various places, that the job of a security staff is multifold including doing document work, making an account of visitors, giving security advice and much more.

Security service covers the overall security of your premise and business place by deploying not only men but also technology in place. This can be CCTV cameras, X Ray machines, metal detectors, drones, alarms, and much more. There is also a monthly or quarterly report on security that helps you in determining the future course of security as per requirement.

Starting your Security Company

Observing things from outside and understanding it from inside is completely different. If you want to start your own company, it would be advisable to have an insider look of the business. If possible, do work for one such security company especially the one who you want to replicate.

Secondly, do a lot of research and talk to people involved in the business. Learn about their experience regarding this business. It is obvious that people tend to be negative about the business they are involved in but you should be pragmatic and look at things based on practicality and facts rather than their opinion.

After doing enough research you should move ahead with your plans. So what should be the broader outlines of your business plan? What should be kept in mind when you start? Here are the steps necessary to be taken. Ponder on them.

The Types of Security Company

There are two types in this.

The first is a security consultant company where you offer advice to your clients regarding the security aspect of their premise or business. This may involve giving a security plan or blueprint to your client. This can include the number of security guards, type of security, armed or unarmed guards, technology that should be involved, level of security, etc. 

The second is the regular security cover you would offer to your clients in the form of regular security guards, team of such guards with a coordinator, covering the tech aspect of security, managing and enhancing security as and when required.

There are also some other aspects to this business. There are specifics in security like tech security, data security, etc. You can offer specific ones or combined based on your finance and resources. 

Prepare Your Business Model

Do you want to start on your own or do you want to collaborate with existing security businesses and contribute on your part? Do you want to be a B2B business or do you want to have a B2C business? 

Whether you want to deal in specifics or want to provide wholesome security cover? Lastly, whether you want to go solo or want to get a franchise of a renowned security company?

The answer lies obviously with you and the decision should be arrived at after due diligence and thorough research keeping in mind various aspects like competitors, your finance and resources and what is more profitable to you.

This is an important aspect which will make your job a bit easier and sorted. 

Identify Your Target Market

So, who will be your target market? 

Are they going to be individual houses, a housing society, a business hub, an industrial hub, a school, college or any other educational institution, retail stores, malls, offices or something else?

You need to take a call on this based on your finance and resource and obviously based on the clients you get. Many sectors don’t employ security companies with not much experience and credit. Therefore, it is possible that you will be starting from the lower strata by offering security to individual homes and then moving ahead.

After identifying your target market, you will have to design and build your security apparatus accordingly. Based on the need and demand, create a blueprint of your security apparatus. Cover all aspects of security keeping in mind the international standard and probable client demand.

Do look at your competitors who are in the same market along with standard practice. Many things also depend on client demand and their budget. You can design your security cover package accordingly or you can negotiate the charge at that moment keeping in mind the various aspects involved.

Resource Management

In order to have your own security company it is obvious that you will be building your own security apparatus. This involves a lot of hard work and brainstorming. The following resources are necessary to start.

An Office

Not necessarily a very dedicated office but certainly a registered office where you can sit along with your staff. Try to avoid a big one and you can also go for a shared one.

The Chief Security Officer

You will need a chief security officer with the needed qualification who has worked with the security department previously with 7 or more years of experience. There are certifications required that certifies the qualification of such officers. Generally, someone who has spent years in the police or army will suffice.

Regular Security Guards

These are the guards who you will deploy the area of assignment for your client. They should have proper training as required by law or authorities that will certify them as guards. General age is about 25 years with skills and training in the field of security to operate security technology and work in sync with the team.

Technical Support

You will also need someone who has a tech background in handling security technology like a comprehensive security system mostly as software and computers. Apart from that, managing and running CCTV cameras, metal detectors, X Ray machines, retrieving data, carrying out security assessment, etc. 

The Tech Machines and Equipment

In order to render comprehensive security, you will also need various tech machines and equipment like CCTV cameras, walkie-talkies, metal detectors, drones, Xray machines, under vehicle security checking equipment, uniform for your guards including belts and boots, notepad, torch, mobile phones with your security company software, etc. 

Other resources may include sniffer dogs which you don’t need to manage on your own but you can team up with such agencies that render such services when required. Based on requirements and advancing technology you can do things accordingly.

Also, you will also need security cars or vans for your security team to move around when required. Patrolling vans and bikes can also be required when you are covering a larger space of property.

Financial Aspect of your Business

Doing the above is not that easy and cheap. Maintaining a whole team of individuals and managing all such resources isn’t cheap either. Your office cost, equipment cost, maintenance cost, salaries, tech support expenses, daily expenses and many more requires greater investment. 

Also, you will have to manage such expenses on your own for a few months of starting since you will have to wait for new clients and their payment. Once things start to work you will not be required to spend any money.

The early cost of managing all such things depends from place to place, nature of security company, number of personnel deployed, type of security apparatus and many more. It cannot be narrowed down to a particular amount. 

But if one looks in specifics, you can determine some expenses based on prevailing market rates with respect to your employees. There is a standard salary offered to guards all around the USA and similarly to your chief security officer. There will be only slight deflection. 

Equipment cost can also be calculated accordingly with respect to certain must equipment and some that are specific in nature. It also depends on what kind of security you are offering and where you are offering. 

Daily allowances, training, general expenditures, etc. can be calculated while consulting with other such companies that are offering similar services as you. Talk to them to get a better idea.

Lastly, managing such finances can be a challenge as well since there are certain risks involved. It includes the uncertain period of getting a new or first client. So, even if you are going for a loan, what is the guarantee that you will be able to repay the loan since you have to earn a client and then earn the money. 

Such challenges can only be sorted when you have a good understanding of the security market, have good contacts to get initial clients and to also manage finances. Blueprints and plans are good to read and make but real experience very much matters. 

Legal Aspects and Permits

In order to start your security company, you will have to register yourself as such. For this you will also be required to get certain permissions, meet some qualifications and get certain licenses. 

In various states of the United States, there are certain laws dealing with security companies of private nature. You will have to have trained security guards, proper equipment for them, skills, technology, clearance from authorities like FBI, personal evaluation of guards and much more.

As a company, you will need to be registered as such a security company. Obtain permits from relevant authorities, certain standard certifications like the ISO ones and other needed ones as prevalent in security markets. 

Hire an expert and lawyer who can help you mitigate such issues since they can be complicated at times. 

Building and Branding your Company

Build your company both based on service and outlook. Get a designed logo for your company that should be printed on your office along with the uniform of your guards and the place where your security is deployed. 

You can also advertise to get new clients. In these kinds of businesses, people often consult with others before hiring one and therefore you should build your brand based on your service since a satisfied customer will be your biggest source of marketing. 

Ensure to maintain certain standards and you should not compromise even if you client is ready to compromise on certain aspects. Value money but not at the cost of your company’s name. Once you become a company of certain standards, it continues to remain so for years to come. 

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